Poll: 87% of Pennsylvania Voters Want Medical Cannabis Legalized

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Poll: 87% of Pennsylvania Voters Want Medical Cannabis Legalized

pennNew polling out of Pennsylvania has found that a drastic majority of voters in the state support legalizing medical cannabis.

According to the poll, conducted by Floyd Institute’s Center for Opinion Research at Franklin & Marshall College, 87% of Pennsylvania voters support legalizing cannabis for medical purposes. Among those 87%, 67% “strongly favor” medical cannabis legalization, an 8% increase since June, 2014. The survey found only 10% to be opposed to the move, with the remaining 3% undecided.

“We’re talking a majority of people in both parties, male or female,” says G. Terry Madonna, a political science professor who conducted the poll. “Virtually every demographic, every region of the state. You can’t have almost nine in 10 voters support something and not have that.”

In May, legislation – Senate Bill 3 – to legalize medical cannabis was approved by Pennsylvania’s Senate with a 40 to 7 vote, though the bill has since stalled in the House Health Committee, due to Representative Matt Baker (R-Tioga County), the committee’s chair, refusing to put it to a vote.

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The full poll can be found by clicking here.


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