Poll: 81% of Indiana Adults Support Legalizing Medical Marijuana

According to new polling, the vast majority of Indiana adults support legalizing medical marijuana.

The poll, conducted at Ball State University, found that 81% of adults in Indiana are in favor of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. Only 16% are opposed to the move.

Earlier this year Indiana passed legislation legalizing the medical use of CBD oil. However, the extremely restrictive nature of the law has led to medical marijuana proponents to continue advocating for an expanded law that allows for the medical use of all marijuana, not just CBD oil, while expanding the list of conditions that qualify individuals to use the medicine. This new poll gives them quite a bit of ammo in their effort.

The poll shows that support for medical marijuana in Indiana is roughly the same as, or just slightly lower than, support nationwide: A HealthDay/Harris Poll released earlier this year found that 85% of Americans believe that marijuana “should be legalized for medical use”.

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