Poll: 80% of Moms, 67% of Dads Support Legalizing Medical Cannabis in Victoria, Australia

New polling out of Victoria, Australia has found that a large percentage of parents are in favor of legalizing cannabis for medical purposes.medical-marijuana2-630

The Herald Sun Primary School Parents’ Survey released earlier this week found that 80% of moms, and 67% of dads, support allowing doctors to prescribe medical cannabis to children with illness that can benefit from the medicine.

These results are in line with a 7-News / ReachTEL poll released in July, which found that only 14% of those in Australia oppose legalizing medical cannabis.

Earlier this month, Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced his support for legalizing medical cannabis.

In August, the Victorian Labor Party announced that it would seek the legalization of medical cannabis if it wins in the upcoming election.


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