Poll: 69% of Florida Voters Support Initiative to Legalize Medical Cannabis

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Poll: 69% of Florida Voters Support Initiative to Legalize Medical Cannabis

New polling conducted by the Anzalone Liszt Grove Research group has found that 69% of Florida voters favor Amendment 2, an initiative to legalize medical cannabisamendment2 which will be voted on November 4th. The poll found only 28% of voters in the state to be opposed to the initiative, which is a constitutional amendment, meaning it requires 60% of the vote to be passed into law.

“If you look at the poll numbers since the beginning of last year they are virtually unchanged, and they reassert what we’ve consistently said: Floridians overwhelmingly support medical marijuana,” said Ben Pollara, Campaign Manager for United for Care, the group behind Amendment 2. “Keeping medical decisions in the hands of doctors – not politicians – is simply not a controversial position for the vast majority of Floridians, and that has not changed over the last twenty-one months.”

Pollara continues; “The latest poll speaks very highly of the basic compassion of Florida voters. Opponents of Amendment 2 have been relentlessly pushing disingenuous talking points, and insulting the intelligence of the voters – but Floridians have seen through their deception and they are ready to vote for this amendment because it is the right thing to do for the ill and the suffering.”

A poll released earlier this month came to a similar conclusion as this new poll, finding that 64% of Florida voters support Amendment 2, with just 26% opposed.

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