Poll: 64% of those in New Zealand Support Legalizing or Decriminalizing Cannabis

new Zealand According to a new poll commissioned by the New Zealand Drug Foundation (NZDF), a strong majority of those in New Zealand support either legalizing or decriminalizing cannabis.

According to the poll, 33% of New Zealanders believe cannabis should be legal, with 31% believing it should be decriminalized. Just 34% – or roughly 1 in 3 – feel that cannabis should remain illegal for personal use.

In addition, 52% support legalizing cannabis cultivation, and 66% support legalizing medical cannabis.

According to Ross Bell, Executive Director of NZDF, the poll marks a massive increase in support for legalization from the last time the question was polled; then support for legalization or decriminalization was at 50%, with an equal number supporting prohibition.

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