Poll: 62% of Florida Voters Have Already Voted or Will Vote in Favor of Amendment 2

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Poll: 62% of Florida Voters Have Already Voted or Will Vote in Favor of Amendment 2

A new poll conducted by the research firm Anzalone Liszt Groveyeson2 has found that 62% of Florida voters have either already voted in favor of Amendment 2 (early voting began last week), or they plan to do so. According to the survey, only 35% plan to vote against the proposal, with just 3% being undecided.

Amendment 2, put forth by the organization United for Care, would legalize medical cannabis in Florida by making it a constitutional right. If approved into law, those who receive a recommendation from a physician would be authorized to possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis, and dispensaries would allowed as a means of patients obtaining safe access to the medicine.

Anzalone Liszt Grove concludes their study by pointing out the importance of voter turnout, saying that; “Florida doctors may soon prescribe medical marijuana for those suffering from debilitating diseases. But turnout is important. If the Yes on 2 campaign continues turning out strong supporters to the polls, then medical marijuana can pass statewide.

The poll, which focused on the actual language of Amendment 2 that will appear on the ballot, and not a summary of it as other polls have done, can be found by clicking here.

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  • Jane
    January 4, 2015

    We lost the battle not the war, Barbie bondi has to much fun bailing out banks and allowing nursing home neglect lawsuits relieve “passive investors” of burning in hell for Not protecting the helpless elderly, and protection of the grand jury system allowing.crooked prosecutorial misconduct of letting defendant law officers defend their themselves for hours, for corruption here in Florida See the innocence project

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