Poll: 61% of American Voters Support Cannabis Legalization, 72% Support Decriminalization

New pollingamerileaf released by the Benenson Strategy Group and SKDKnickerbocker shows that a strong majority of voters in the United States are in favor of legalizing cannabis, with an ever higher percentage in support of decriminalizing cannabis.

According to the Beyond the Beltway poll, 61% of voters agree that state-regulated sales of cannabis should be legal; just 39% oppose the move.

Support for decriminalization is considerably higher, with 72% saying they believe the possession of small amounts of cannabis should be reduced from a potential jail sentence to a simple fine of $25 to $100. According to the poll; “Even among Republicans (68%) and conservatives (63%), support lowering the punishment for possession.”

The survey had 1,032 participates, with the questions asked on February 26th and 27th.


2 thoughts on “Poll: 61% of American Voters Support Cannabis Legalization, 72% Support Decriminalization”

  1. We must elect officials that will respect freedom of choice when it comes to our right to treat medical conditions we face daily with any form of relief we choose. Pharmaceutical meds have ate my stomach lining and meds prescribed do more harm than help. God put a cure for every ailment on earth so we must open our minds and bodies to the plants he has provided. Every living things plants included have a purpose for existing..


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