Poll: 60% of Louisiana Voters Support Decriminalizing Cannabis

A new poll conducted by Public Policy Polling has found that a majority of Louisianalouisianaseal voters are in favor of legalizing medical cannabis, as well a decriminalizing cannabis possession.

According to the poll, 60% of voters in Louisiana support removing criminal penalties for someone caught possessing up to an ounce of cannabis for the first time, making it instead a simple $50 or $100 ticket. Majority support was found in all age groups, including 52% of those aged 65 and older.

The poll also found that 68% of voters in the state favor allowing people to obtain and use cannabis for medical purposes if recommended by a physician. As with decriminalization, all age groups said they support the move, including 59% of those aged 65 and older, and 73% of those aged 18 to 34.

Under current Louisiana law, the possession of even a miniscule amount of cannabis is a misdemeanor with a potential 6 month jail sentence. A person’s second offense can land them in prison for up to 5 years, with following offenses carrying a potential sentence of 20 years.

Polling released in September, 2013 – which was also conducted by Public Policy Polling – found that 53% of Louisiana voters support legalizing recreational cannabis.


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