Poll: 59% of New Hampshire Adults Favor Legalizing Cannabis

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Poll: 59% of New Hampshire Adults Favor Legalizing Cannabis

A new WMURnewhampshire Granite State Poll has found that 59% of adults in New Hampshire favor the legalization of recreational cannabis, with only 35% opposed to the move. These numbers mark a 4% increase in support since the last time the question was asked in April, and an 11% increase from early last year.

According to the poll, an additional 19% support decriminalizing cannabis, and only 27% support keeping laws the way they are. If cannabis were legalized, 72% support allowing it to be sold at state-licensed retail outlets.

The poll of 543 people, which can be found by clicking here, was conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center.


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  • Richard
    March 6, 2015

    This poll says it all!! The Govenor of NH must yield to her voters on this matter, no veto this time around or her legacy will continue to collapse. It’s time NH join the region and nation with legalization and move our nation forward from the past lies and deception so that society can be a happier and a more productive one! Legalization creates jobs and taxes and we need them desperatly in NH not throwing law abiding citizens in prison and affecting the entire fabric of families! The past has destroyed society now is the time to all build a happier society together!! 🙂

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