Poll: 55% of Maine Voters Support Initiative to Legalize Cannabis on November Ballot

Marijuana_Plants-3An initiative to legalize recreational cannabis for everyone 21 and older in Maine was recently placed on this November’s ballot, and according to new polling voters are prepared to pass the measure into law.

According to the poll, conducted by Critical Insights and commissioned by the Marijuana Policy Project, 55% of voters in Maine support the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol initiative to legalize cannabis, which recently qualified for the November ballot despite being initially denied by the state (something a judge overruled); just 41% are opposed.

When asked; “regardless of how you feel about this specific initiative, do you favor or oppose taxing, regulating and legalizing marijuana for adults?”, support rose by 4%, with 59% in support to 35% opposed.

The results of this new poll are similar to a new poll released last by the Maine People’s Resource Center, which found that 53% of likely voters would approve the initiative if the election were held then (with 42% saying they would vote against it).

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