Poll: 55% of California Voters Support Legalizing Recreational Cannabis

Poll: 55% of California Voters Support Legalizing Recreational Cannabis

New polling conducted by the Publiccali1 Policy Institute of California has found that a majority of California voters support the legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes.

According to the poll, 55% of likely voters support legalizing cannabis, slightly higher than the amount of support found among all California adults (53%).

The survey found support for legalizing cannabis to be at its highest point since the polling firm began asking the question in 2010.

The increase in support for legalizing cannabis comes as four different groups attempt to put legalization initiative to a vote of the people.

The Public Policy Institute of California’s survey was conducted by telephone March 8th through the 17th, and included participation from 1,706 California residents.



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  • Anonymous
    June 13, 2015

    Since the majority of U.S.A. Americans are in support of legalizing cannabis for recreational use and medical use, then why hasn’t it been legalized across the nation by now? What or Who is preventing this from happening? When is our nations leaders going to let the people have their say and let their votes count — this is America right? I’m just a layman, but it seems to me for years now that the leaders of our nation have been making all the wrong choices ie: legalizing abortion vs. not legalizing cannabis — this says just what kind of leaders of this nation they are — ludicrous and absurdly inept with minds of Tyranny; profits before people. And our U.S. Constitution states in short … “that those who can it is their Right and Duty to throw off such Government and make things right for those who can’t.” Plus if cannabis was legalized the economy would become self-sufficient ; the ecological and economical potential vitality growth and inexhaustible potentials would eliminate revenue short falls with an abundance of REVENUES for each state enabling each state to help those in their state that can’t help themselves; now that is how I see America.

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