Police Sergeant Caught by Own Body Camera Stealing Cannabis Meant as Evidence

Police Sergeant Caught by Own Body Camera Stealing Cannabis Meant as Evidence

Stealing Cannabis

The officer allegedly stole eight ounces of cannabis (photo: DANIEL KARMANN/EPA)

A 33-year-old police sergeant in Grants, New Mexico was arrested Wednesday for stealing cannabis that was meant as evidence. The man, Roshern McKinney, is also being charged for distribution for allegedly giving some of the cannabis to his girlfriend.

Ironically, it was McKinney’s own body camera that caught him stealing the cannabis, according to local news outlet KRQE News 13.

“In reference to Sergeant McKinney, when this situation was brought to my attention, I contacted two outside agencies to conduct concurrent but separate investigations,” says Grants Police Chief, Craig Vandiver. “The situation is still an active and ongoing personnel matter”.

The body camera explicitly shows McKinnley enter his private office, grab what appears to be cannabis, then drive to his girlfriend’s house and give her some (or all) of it.

According to State Police, McKinney is being charged with cannabis distribution, conspiracy, and two counts of embezzlement. He allegedly stole eight ounces of cannabis, along with nearly $800 in cash.


  • Anonymous
    September 2, 2016

    Life without parole~ right? What’s good for the citizen’s is good for law enforcement~ Maybe Cannabis will be declassified with the Cops being tossed away for a plant.

  • Cannabis N.I.
    September 3, 2016

    You really have to wonder how common this type of behaviour is amongst the law enforcement crowd.

  • Smoothie lady
    September 3, 2016

    What if his girlfriend had a medical condition and this was the only way he could get her medicine?
    Pot , weed, cannabis should not get you in trouble it’s not dangerous it’s curing so many illnesses. How the police took it from someone else wasn’t right that’s theft.

    Unschedule cannabis

    • Cyndi
      September 5, 2016

      And $800 cash? Good try.


      She (or he) could go to a state where it IS legal, or even buy it on her own from a pot seller.

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