Police Department Gives Sergeant Official Permission to Lobby for Cannabis Legalization Group

St. Louis Police Sergeant Gary Wieger has been given official permission from his police chief to be a lobbyist and campaign spokesman for the non-profit, pro-legalization group Show-Me Cannabis,Show Me Cannabis logo according to the Associated Press.

In March we wrote about Sergeant Wieger being hired by Show-Me Cannabis to promote the decriminalization of cannabis in St. Louis, as well as the eventually legalization of cannabis statewide in Missouri. Soon after his hiring the police department caught wind of his new job, and eventually revoked the permission they initially gave him to get a secondary lobbying job; the department had given Wieger – who was also a past lobbyist for the St. Louis Tea Party – written permission to get a lobbying job, but they didn’t realize it was cannabis-related.

After having his permission revoked, Sergeant Wieger filed a First Amendment complaint in district court. Now, a couple months later, the department has given Wieger complete permission to continue working with Show-Me Cannabis.

Sergeant Wieger, who’s been a police officer for over 30 years, is precisely the kind of cannabis-reform advocate that will help sway the minds of those who may otherwise ignore the issue.


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