The Piss Perfect – Perfect for Fetishes, Party Gags or Whatever Else You’d Like

The new Wizclear Piss Perfect is the newest and best discreet synthetic urine dispenser available.

The Piss Perfect, as noted on their website, is “Perfect for any fetish situation you find yourself in. The prosthetic penis looks and feels just like the real thing even at close observation it’s hard to tell the difference!” The new device has received large amounts of hype for its use in creating safe, disease-free “golden shower” experiences, and has also been used humorously as a party gag!

For additional security when transporting your high quality synthetic urine, Wizclear includes “an industrial white switch to keep the urine in the bag. When your partner isn’t in the room simply release the switch to “arm” the piss perfect to be ready for flow. Our silent flow system won’t click when dispensing your synthetic urine adding to a more realistic golden shower experience.”

Even better, the Piss Perfect is easy to use with one hand! The Piss Perfect comes with “our high-quality leg straps as well as our revolutionary waist band that provides the pressure you need for the most realistic flow on the market. We only recommend using high quality synthetic urine with our device to ensure that you have all of the necessary ingredients to give a safe and realistic golden shower experience. The Piss Perfect is the PERFECT solution for all your synthetic golden shower needs.”

The Piss Perfect features:

  • Life like prosthetic available in multiple skin tones of your choice.
  • The release valve in the  prosthetic is completely silent, no click or snapping noises
  • With some new adhesive hand warmers, urine, and cleaner the Piss Perfect is reuasble.
  • The silicone used in the prothsetic is very durable.
  • The skin tone colors are mixed directly into silicone during manufacturing, unlike competing products that spray on the color, the Piss Perfect will not fade or change color over time.

Now available in 5 realistic skin tones including White, Tan, Latino, Brown and Black we are sure there is a Piss Perfect that is a perfect match for you.  We have put the Piss Perfect to the test and it has passed with flying colors. We want you to know that whether this is for an intimate moment with a loved one or it’s a fun gag at a party you have purchased the best prosthetic on the market.

Measuring an entire 5 inches be confident your next female companion is going to be impressed by your massive dong.

You can learn more and purchase the Piss Perfect at along with refills and cleaners. You can also check out for an entire line of discreet synthetic urine products.

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