Pennsylvania Senate Committee Votes to Legalize Medical Cannabis

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Pennsylvania Senate Committee Votes to Legalize Medical Cannabis

Pennsylvania’s Senate Appropriations Committee voted 21 to 5 Monday to approve Senate Bill 1182, a proposal to legalize medical cannabispennsylvania. A full Senate vote is expected as soon as Tuesday.

The proposal, which was approved by the Senate Law and Justice Committee in June, would legalize medical cannabis for those with qualifying conditions such as cancer, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis, though unfortunately the bill was amended so that smoking and vaporizing cannabis isn’t allowed; instead, patients will need to consume their cannabis through oils, edibles and tinctures.

To become a qualified medical cannabis patient, a person will need to receive a recommendation from a physician, and subsequently obtain a registration card from the state’s Department of Health. Dispensaries will be authorized to distribute the medicine.

According to polling released in July, 84% of Pennsylvania voters support legalizing medical cannabis, with just 12% opposed.

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You can find the full text of the bill by clicking here.


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  • Rick Elvers
    September 28, 2014

    I hope you legalize smoking because it takes care of the on slot of the seizure right away in stead of waiting 30 or 45 minutes it takes to work. this is rely dumb not to include smoking or vaporizing .!!!!

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