Pennsylvania Governor Says He’ll Sign Legislation to Legalize Medical Cannabis if Given the Opportunity

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has announced that he will sign legislation to legalizepenn medical cannabis if it reaches his desk. The announcement was made the same day as medical cannabis legislation was filed in the state’s Senate.

“I commend the bipartisan effort to allow Pennsylvania doctors to prescribe medical marijuana,” said Governor Wolf at an impromptu meeting today in his reception room with several parents whose children suffer from seizures. “We should not deny a physician’s ability to recommend medical marijuana treatment for Pennsylvanians suffering from seizures, those affected by PTSD, cancer patients affected by chemotherapy, and Pennsylvanians suffering from many other ailments and conditions that could benefit from this effective, doctor-prescribed treatment.”

Today a bipartisan coalition of 25 senators introduced Senate Bill 3, a proposal to legalize the medical use of cannabis for those with a qualifying condition who receive a recommendation from a physician. Similar legislation, Senate Bill 1182, was approved 43 to 7 in the Senate in September, though the proposal was never put to a vote in the House.

According to polling released in July by Franklin and Marshall College, 84% of voters in Pennsylvania support legalizing medical cannabis.


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  1. ty for fixing the pot dilemma in this “commonwealth”. i was seriously thinking of moving. i am excited to see how our revenue from pot $$$ will pay for alot of school taxes and the unemployment will go down too. the drs won’t have to keep their mouths shut. ohhh the better off we will b. ty, ty, ty


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