Pennsylvania Governor Says He Supports Decriminalizing Cannabis

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf.
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf says he supports decriminalizing cannabis, noting that there are “a lot of reasons” to do so.

“There are a lot of reasons to look at decriminalization”,  Governor Wolf said during an interview with WPXI-TV. “I think that’s something that I support.”

He continued; “I believe, for a number of reasons, that we ought to decriminalize marijuana use. I think our prisons are over-crowded as a result of people going to jail for reasons that, you know, we break up families for reasons that we shouldn’t”.

Wolf added that; “We destroy lives and we make it hard to find employment. So often right now possession of a small amount is a felony and an employer looks at that and dismisses (the person) automatically.”

In January, Governor Wolf said he would sign legislation to legalize medical cannabis if given the chance.


2 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Governor Says He Supports Decriminalizing Cannabis”

  1. Yes , legalize cannabis .Let out state receive revenue and not let big corperations be in control of what our state takes in .

  2. Please help all medically ill citizens of Pa. If radiation and chemo , even all the medications we are taking for different chronic illnesses can be avoided , then why not let the state of Pa. gain more revenue and weed out the high cost of pharmaceutical drugs . I know I right now can not afford all of the medications I should be taking especially for diabetes and post traumatic medications . M medications alone in one single month is over 1500.00 hundred dollars . And the worst part about it is our government is paying for it ,I am on disability .Cannabis cures it has been a proven fact . You know it , And I know it . do it . legalize it now.We can have revenue coming in and not going out .


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