Massachusetts Patients to Have Safe Access By Year’s End


By the end of the year medical cannabis patients in Massachusetts should have the ability to go to a dispensary, and purchase their medicine through a safe, secure and regulated location. This is according to draft regulations released today by the state’s Department of Public Health, the department responsible for licensing and regulating the industry. Medical cannabis became a possibility in the state after voters approved Ballot Question 3 this past November.

For the proposed regulations to be finalized, the Public Health Council and the Secretary of State must approve them, which the department expects them to do by this May.

Some of the regulations include:

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Reminder: Juries Can Nullify Charges they Find Unjust

Although its usage is increasing in the American legal system, far too few people know about, and understand one of the biggest weapons we have in our civil-rights arsenal; jury nullification. 588x280xIM_fija_billboard1.jpg.pagespeed.ic.9dL7FwxKb7

Jury nullification is a practice that dates back to before our nation was formed, and is the act of a jury acquitting someone of a charge, even if the evidence is clear, by finding them “not guilty”. By doing so, people can make sure that an individual doesn’t fall victim to unjust, archaic laws. As a juror, taking this path is simple: Vote “not guilty” to someone who is being charged with a bad law. A bad law being something like, say, cannabis prohibition.
Or most non-violent convictions made under the drug war.

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Marijuana Decriminalization Takes Effect in Rhode Island on April 1st

In 2012 Rhode Island’s House and Senate, followed by the state’s governor, approved legislation that decriminalizes small amounts of marijuana. On Monday, April 1st, that law officially420times_000012856499XSmall takes effect.

Under the proposal, possession of up to one ounce of marijuana will no longer be an arrestable misdemeanor offense that carries with it up to a year in prison. Instead, the charge will be altered to an $150 ticket – a civil infraction that carries with it no possibility of jail time.

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New WA Legislation Would Put Medical Marijuana Industry in the Hands of Liquor Control Board

New legislation was filed today in Washington which would give Washington State’s Liquor ConLiquor-board-logo-with-marijuana-leaf-300x300trol Board the authority to regulate and license the medical marijuana industry. The measure, Senate Bill 5887, was introduced by Senate Majority Leader Rodney Tom, and is co-sponsored by two other Republican Senators.

If made law, SB 5887 would establish medical marijuana dispensaries in the state which would be regulated and licensed through the Liquor Control Board; an entity that, to be frank, has no business regulating medicine. The measure would effectively trump the current “collective garden” model in the state by forcing those under that model to see a maximum of 10 patients a day, something that clearly isn’t workable for most, if not all collectives currently running in the state.

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Idaho Lawmaker: Medical Marijuana a “Farcical Predatory Scheme”

Try telling that to the faces of the millions in our country who benefit from medical marijuana, “Representative” Luke Malek.

Out-of-touch Idaho State Rep. Luke Malek

The statement was made by the Republican state representative while arguing in favor of an anti-marijuana resolution that passed Idaho’s House of Representatives today by a vote of 63-7. The resolution isn’t legally binding, and will have no effect on the laws of Idaho state: It simply makes a ridiculous declaration that Idaho lawmakers are behind the times and firmly oppose legalization, a policy that would bring their state jobs, tax revenue and a decrease in crime. The Senate passed the resolution last month.

Malek’s statement came as a response to Democrat Shirley Ringo, who argued that the resolution sends a negative message to those with terminal illnesses who use marijuana for medical reasons.

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Sustainability Is In the Eye of the Beholder

By Jeremy Moberg, Washington State wildlife biologist, President of the Okanogan Cannabis Association

The recent announcement from Marcus Charles is to open an industrial indoor cannabis operation in the economically depressed Raymond area of Washington. In fact Marcus is practicing a long standing form of environmental classism where industries focus polluting practices in impoverished economies.  Struggling ecbudviewonomies are often glad to accept any industry regardless of its effect on the environment, health and public safety.  Still, given his background developing “local” and “sustainable” restaurants in the Seattle area, I know he is motivated to do the right thing.  In this case sustainability can only be reached by transferring cannabis production to the sun, which the west side is famous for not having.  There are plenty of struggling economies with high solar input to choose from in the east side of the state.  We welcome Marcus’s investment in sustainability, but with a single joint being equal to driving 22 miles we think he has missed the target a bit.

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Bipartisan Legalization Measure Filed in Maine

A legalization measure has been filed today in Maine which would legalize the possession of up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis, as well as the private cultivation of up to 6 plants. In addition, it would direct the MedicalMarijuana2-JCR-250x250state to license and regulate cannabis retail outlets which would sell cannabis to adults in the state.

The bill, which would also allow the state to begin regulating and licensing farmers to grow industrial hemp, has 35 cosponsors, which is more than any other legalization bill in the country.

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“Marijuana is Safer” Billboard Goes Up in Portland, Oregon

The Marijuana Policy Project has introduced a new billboard they’ve posted in Portland, Oregon, and will be holding a press conference tomorrow at 10:30am to make an official announcement. The billboard points out that marijuana is a safer substance than either beer or wine, linking 12486163-largeonlookers to the site, which redirects to a factsheet on MPP’s website comparing alcohol with marijuana, pointing out facts such as marijuana has no overdose level.

The billboard will be just blocks away from the city’s annual beer and win festival, which takes place this weekend.

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U.S. Supreme Court Says Drug Dogs Can’t Sniff Outside of Homes Without A Warrant

In a tight, 5-4 decision, the U.S Supreme Court yesterday issued a ruling on the case Florida v. Jar111111dines, which sets precedent across the country indicating that it’s illegal for cops or any others to use drug dogs to search the perimeter of someone’s house in an attempt to find illegal drugs.

In order for a cop to do such a search, they must first obtain a warrant from a judge, the ruling declared.

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