Medical Marijuana Proving Helpful in Treating Epileptic Children

Medical marijuana may be one of, if not the best medicine for children with epilepsy – though unfortunately studies are few and far between, given its federal illegality. Epilepsy is a severe disorder that leads to potentially hundreds of seizures a day, which often has a permanent effect on the psychological capability and welfare of those who have the disorder – it can also be intensely difficult for the parents, both financially and emotionally.

In a report published today by the Washington Post, a pair of families are examined which have found relief for their children through the use of medical marijuana, in one instance dropping one of the child’s seizure rates from 300-400 seizures a day, down to 0.

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New York Legislature Expected to Legalize Medical Marijuana, Governor Has “Open Mind”

For years advocates have been fighting to allow those who can benefit from it to use marijuana legally for medical purposes in the State of New York – those efforts may finally be paying off. Recently New York’s Assembly Health Committee approved a measure to legalize medical marijuana, establishing state licensed dispensaries, and medical-marijuana-prescription-bottlauthorizing qualified patients, who become licensed through the state, to legally possess, consume and purchase up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana. The measure is expected to pass the full House.

Once it passes the House, it will head to the Senate – the farthest a medical marijuana bill has ever made it in New York. In a recent press conference the prime sponsor of the bill, Senator Diane Savino, stated that there are 38 senators planning to vote for the measure. It needs 31 to advance.

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Decriminalization is Good, Legalization is Better

Among those who support marijuana law reform, many advocates support, and are working towards, decriminalizing marijuana – making it no longer a criminal offense, without legalizing its sale, and in many instances maintaining a civil infracti21301_583294891695730_1523063956_non (such as a traffic ticket). Although this is a great starting point, some see it as the endgame. In the public, this is the same; support for decriminalization – such as in this recent poll out of Washington D.C. – is typically 10%-20% higher than support for legalization. The reason isn’t hard to understand – people realize that marijuana isn’t worthy of jail time, and don’t want people’s lives ruined for its usage, but they’re worried about the potential ramifications of legalization (likely because of propaganda), or if they’re advocates of marijuana, maybe they’re worried of a government takeover, or just feel it shouldn’t be so out in the open.

In reality, whether as a consumer or a member of the general public who’s never consumed and never will, decriminalization has no where near the positive benefits of legalization, or a full repeal of cannabis prohibition for adults (including cultivation and sale).

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Victory in Colorado: Unscientific THC DUID Bill Defeated in Senate

Earlier this month we posted about an unscientific DUID (driving under the influence of drugs) bill advancing in Colorado, which would find someone guilty based on having an arbitrary amount of THC in their system, whichvictory would be determined through a blood draw – this is the 4th year such a measure has been discussed in Colorado’s Legislature. The measure passed through the House earlier this month, but is now officially dead, as it was voted down in the Senate Judiciary Committee by a vote of 4-1.

This is a strong victory for civil liberties and sanity in Colorado, as the proposed 5 ng/ml limit for THC has no scientific basis, and would lead to unimpaired drivers being found guilty as even active THC can linger in the body for days – not to mention that there’s nothing wrong with current DUID laws, which requires proof of impairment for a prosecution to take place.

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Cannabis Legalization Bill Filed in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Senator Miguel Pereira has filed legislation which would explicitly legalize cannabis for adults 21 and older. Senator Pereira is a former police chief, as well as a former federal prosecutor. Currently in Puerto Rico, those possessing evepuertoricon small amounts of marijuana can face up to 3 years in prison, in addition to a $5,000 fine.

Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla, during a press conference this week, stated that he was entirely open to a debate on the issue, stating, “I don’t have a problem with an open debate about the possibilities, benefits or drawbacks of such a measure”. This is important, because if the measure passes the Senate, and then House, it would go to the governor for final approval.

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Happy 4/20!

It’s that time of the year again – April 20th – and cannabis consumers around the world are preparing to c420elebrate. As we enter this holiest of days, us here at TheJointBlog want to send a big HAPPY 4/20 to our readers, and everyone else across the globe!

As you enjoy this day, remember to keep in the back of your mind just how ridiculous it is that this plant that we’re celebrating is illegal, and people continue to be thrown in prison, and have their lives destroyed, for its usage.

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Measure to Allow Hemp Cultivation in Colorado Passes Senate 34 to 1

Senate Bill 241, sponsored by Senator Gail Schwartz, passed through Colorado’s Senate today with a 34-1 vote. The measure would enable the state’s Department of Agriculture to license farmers to cultivate hemp beginninhemp5g this year. Farmers would have the option of applying for a 10-acre plot in order to study the viability of various hemp varieties, or they could apply for a larger, full-scale hemp farm – one that wouldn’t be limited by the number of plants, but rather by the THC content in said plants.

With the recent passage of Amendment 64, which legalized small amounts of marijuana for adults, hemp was removed from the state’s controlled substances list, though a provision of the initiative states that that hemp cultivation is contingent on legislative action – this bill would be that required action necessary for the state to begin distributing hemp licenses.

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Legislation Announced to Decriminalize Marijuana in Michigan

Michigan State Representative Jeff Irwin, a Democrat from Ann Arbor, has announced that he’s working on legislation to decriminalize marijuana pomedical-marijuana-in-michiganssession in the state – it’ll be formally introduced next week. The measure would make the possession of up to an ounce of marijuana a civil infraction – such as a traffic ticket – rather than an arrestable misdemeanor like it is currently. This would instantly save the state millions of dollars, as well as free up law enforcement to focus more on serious and violent crimes, rather than persecuting individuals for possessing small amounts of a non-lethal herb.

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New Poll Finds 57% of Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana

Just last week new polling found, for the first time in decades of asking the question, that a majority of Americans – 52% to 45% – support the idea of legalizing marijuana. Another poll, released today and condcannabis bud wikiucted by the Huffington Post / YouGov, found an even higher percentage of people to be in support of legalization – 57%, compared to just 33% who are opposed to such a move – 10% were undecided.

On top of this finding, the poll found that an incredibly low 11% of Americans believe that legalization is NOT coming. 74% of respondents believe that marijuana legalization is inevitable, with 15% not being sure.

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Colorado Legislation Introduced to Establish Legal Marijuana Regulations

Yesterday the chair of Colorado’s Joint Select Committee on the Implementation of Amendment 64 Task Force Recommendations, a committee established by Colorado’s legislature to form legislation to help regulate legal marijuana sales, introduced a 57-page bill that would do just that. The measure contains a majority of the recommendations that were colorado-marijuana_1352303424138_323563_ver1.0_320_240made by a marijuana task force commissioned by Colorado’s governor to discuss and determine potential regulations.

According to the Denver Post, some of the major points found in House Bill 1317 is that:

• Marijuana growers and sellers could operate separately, opposite of the requirements for medical-marijuana dispensaries.

• Only Colorado residents could own or work in marijuana retail outlets

• Out-of-state residents would be legally allowed to purchase, possess and consume cannabis, so they would only be able to purchase a quarter of an ounce, rather than a full ounce like residents can.

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