61% in Vermont Support Marijuana Decriminalization, As Does State’s Attorney General

The annual Doyle Survey, which conducts public policy opinion research in Vermont, has recently released this year’s results. Among the multiple issues that the poll discussed with its 14,000 participates, it wmarijuana_1207as found that 61% of Vermont residents support decriminalizing marijuana possession, with less than a third, 31%, being in opposition to such a move.

These numbers are important, and come at a vital time, as both the Senate and House discuss measures to decriminalize marijuana possession: Senate Bill 48 and House Bill 200 have both had pubic hearings over the past few days.

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Oregon On Track to be Next State to Legalize Marijuana

Judging by the current situation, Oregon may very well end up as the next state in the U.S. to legalize marijuana for adults.colmes_Blumenauer_020613

Just yesterday, to the surprise of many in the political world, Oregon’s House Judiciary Committee approved a measure that would legalize the home-cultivation, possession and retail sale of cannabis throughout the state. The measure, which would also explicitly legalize hemp, would take full effect by July 2014.

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Maryland Senate Committee Approves Medical Marijuana Legislation

Today Maryland’s Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee voted to approve House Bill 1101, sending it towards a full Senate vote. Last week the state’s House of Delegates approved the bill 108-28. If the Senate passes the measure, which it’s expected tmarylandmmo do, it will head to the governor for final approval.

If passed, the measure would authorize certain hospitals to become licensed as academic medical centers, which would allow them to legally distribute cannabis to patients. These centers and their patients would then participate in a daily study examining the medicine’s effects.

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New Poll: 52% of Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana

In a comprehensive new set of polling released today by the respected Pew Research Institute, it was found that, for the first time in over four decades of annual polling, a majority of Americans sugood-weedpport legalization. According to Pew’s official press release, it’s noted that “Support for legalizing marijuana has risen 11 points since 2010.” 52% are said to be in support of legalization, which just 45% in opposition.

On top of this support, there’s even further support for having the feds back off of their war on marijuana. 72% believe that the federal government’s enforcement of marijuana laws costs more than it’s worth, and 60% believe that they should leave states that legalize marijuana alone entirely.

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Charges Dropped Against Florida Man Growing Marijuana for Sick Wife

Cathy and Robert Jordan.

Cathy and Robert Jordan.

Just a couple days ago we reported on a Florida man, Robert Jordan, who denied a plea bargain offered by the state – the plea came after officers raided his home, finding over 20 cannabis plants, which were being used to treat his wife, Cathy Jordan, who suffers from Lou Gherig’s Disease. Cathy has lived over 20 years past her doctor’s prediction because of the use of cannabis, which helps her fight depression, nausea, and other symptoms associated with the disease.

In refusing to take the plea bargain, Robert made the smart move in standing up for his rights: It was his hopes that he would win a court case, or at least have his charges lowered, by proving “medical necessity”.

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Seattle Police Handing Out Warning Letters Rather Than Arresting Marijuana Dealers

Seattle Police are making an applaud-worthy effort to enforce the “intent” voters had in approving Initiative 502, rather than its exact legal language.Seattle-Police-Department

As reported recently by King 5 News, Seattle’s Police Department has already begun to implement a new police where they give cannabis dealers an admonishment letter, asking for them to cease selling in the area, rather than arresting them. Cannabis distribution in Washington State, even after the passage of Initiative 502, remains a felony charge.

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Colorado Medical Marijuana Industry Generated Nearly $200 Million in Taxes Last Year

A look at tax receipts over the last fiscal year show that medical marijuana dispensaries paid over $180 million in taxes last year. There’s over 500 businesses in the state selling marijuana to qualified pabill-gives-states-marijuana-tax-power-thcftients.

Baring federal interference, retail outlets selling recreational cannabis to adults will be open by next year, further expanding the marijuana industry, including all adults 21 and older wishing to consume, recreationally or medicinally: state officials predict the outlets to bring in roughly $1 billion taxes.

The current medical marijuana industry in Colorado produces thousands of jobs – a recreational market will generate thousands more. Clearly cannabis legalization is one of the biggest weapons we have against high unemployment rates, and this fact is likely to help push legalization efforts forward in other states quicker than they might otherwise move. Continue reading

New Medical Marijuana App Coming to iTunes: Connects Patients to Growers

Cannabis has reached a new level of technological convenience; an app to connect cannabis consumers directly to growers in California.phoneaP

The “Ganjavous” app will allow growers to post pictures and prices of their product for patients to browse, and allows customers to write reviews on the products.

According to their website:

“Listings can be filtered based on type, quantity, price and distance so you can easily find what you are looking for. Each user account and product listing has a rating system attached to it. The community rating system will let you know who to avoid and who to connect with. User accounts remain completely anonymous. When you’re ready, you can share as much or as little information as you want with other users that you add to your collective.”

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Study Shows Marijuana Consumers Don’t Weigh More than Non-Consumers

A new study published in Diabetes Care, a journal of the American Diabetes Association, has found that cannabis consumers don’t weigh more than non-consumers, and don’t intake more calories – though they do 111intake slightly more carbohydrates. The study, which found that consumers had slightly lower levels of a specific type of cholesterol, concluded that total body fat was not significantly different between those who do, or don’t consume cannabis.

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Oregon House Judiciary Committee Approves Measure to Legalize Marijuana

Today Oregon’s House Judiciary Committee held a public hearing to discuss House Bill 3371, and approved the measure with a 6-3 vote, sgir-046ending it to House Revenue Committee. The measure, titled the Control, Regulation and Taxation of Cannabis Act, would legalize the personal cultivation of up to 6 plants, and the personal possession of up to 24 ounces for adults, while establishing state-licensed retail outlets to sell cannabis.

The measure, which would also explicitly legalize hemp, would take effect on July 1st, 2014.

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