County in Colorado Refuses to Enforce Ban on Public Marijuana Consumption

Given that the definition of “public” isn’t specified, a county in Colorado has been refusing to enforce the state’s ban on public marijuana consumption until it’s been further clarified. With no pending legislation designed to define what exactly public display is, tA woman lights a marijuana cigarettehe county could go weeks, months, or even years before the law is enforced.

“Everybody’s in wait-and-see mode,” said Lt. Mike Trombley with Fort Collins Police Services.

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Thousands Rally for Legalization in Brazil

Yesterday thousands of people rallied in downtown Sao Paulo to call for the legalizatiBrazil Proteston of cannabis.

“In many countries, marijuana use is allowed, but here we have these reactionary policies. Today we would say that drugs do not kill, what kills is the war on drugs,” said Carol Ribeiro, one of the prime organizers of the protest, which began as a march. Continue reading

France Legalizes Medical Cannabis

On Friday France took a huge step in reforming their cannabis polices by passing a measure which legalizes medical products containing cannabis or its derivatives,MMMA LEAF AND SYMBOL_full such as cannabis teas, sprays (such as Sativex) and capsules, all of which can contain actual cannabis, not just synthetic alternatives such as Marinol, which is legal in the U.S.. Although the measure isn’t perfect and doesn’t specifically authorize the sell of dried cannabis flower, it’s still a significant leap forward.

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Colorado Attorney General Voids Restrictions on Marijuana Magazines, Calls Law Unconstitutional

Last month Colorado passed a law – as part of a broad set of regulations for the newly-legal recreational cannabis industry – requiring marijuana-themed magazines to be kept behind the counter in stores that allow minors, similar to COSealColorhow the state treats pornography. On Thursday Colorado’s Attorney General announced that this new restriction is unconstitutional, and that the state will not defend it in court. The Attorney General’s office issued a statement that reads: “No magazine whose primary focus is marijuana or marijuana businesses is required to be sold only in retail marijuana stores or behind the counter in establishments where persons under twenty-one years of age are present, because such a requirement would violate the United States Constitution, the Colorado Constitution, and section 24-4-103(4)(a.5)(IV), C.R.S”. Continue reading

Oregon Governor Signs Measure Adding PTSD as Qualifying Medical Marijuana Condition

Oregon has officially become the 4th state in the U.S. which allows those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to become qualifying1edit_medical_marijuana1 medical marijuana patients. Governor John Kitzhaber signed Senate Bill 281 yesterday, joining Oregon with three other states – Connecticut, Delaware, and New Mexico – which allow PTSD as a qualifying condition. Continue reading

New Initiatives Filed in Oregon to Legalize Marijuana

The proponents of last year’s Measure 80 in Oregon – which would have legalized marijuana for adults but was narrowly defeated in the general election – have filed twooregon-cannabis-tax-act-octa-2012 new initiatives aimed at the 2014 ballot in an attempt to bring legalization to the state.

One of the two initiatives is modeled after Measure 80, with a couple changes designed to make the initiative more acceptable to voters: For example, Measure 80 allowed for the possession of an unlimited amount, whereas the newly-filed initiative sets a possession limit of 24 ounces, and private cultivation limit of 24 plants.

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Court Orders Dutch Government to Pay Coffee Shops Over Marijuana Tourism Ban

On Wednesday the Hague District Court ruled that the Dutch government must pay damages to cannabis coffee shops across the Netherlands for lost income due to a tourist ban that is decidedly too harsh. A new law went coffee-shop_2205075binto effect in the Netherlands May 1st of last year, intending to restrict tourists from purchasing marijuana at the local coffee shops. The law included a provision requiring local residents to register for a “pass” to purchase cannabis – a move that has lead to a major decline in the local customer clientele.

“Clients have been scared away”, said the courts. “Part of the cannabis card law has disproportionately infringed the interests of coffee shop clients, leading to financial losses during several months.” Continue reading

New Jersey Senate Committee Approves Measure to Legalize Marijuana Edibles, Ease Youth Restrictions

New Jersey’s Senate Judiciary Committee has just approved Senate Bill 2842, a measure to expand on the state’s current medical marijuana law by explicitly allowing dispensaries to sell marijuana-infused foods and drinks, and by marijuana-new-jersey-dleasing the restrictions designed to make it more difficult for a minor to become a qualified patient.

In addition to legalizing marijuana food items, such as medicated brownies, the measure would ease restrictions on those under 18 who are attempting to become a patient. Continue reading

Second Dispensary Opening in New Jersey Will Provide Access for Hundreds of Patients Currently Going Without

New Jersey, notorious for having just one medical marijuana dispensary in the entire state, has issued a license for a second safe access point. medical-marijuana3nj

The New Jersey medical marijuana program is known as one of strictest in the nation, and because of this hundreds of patients are unable to procure medicine for themselves without relying on the black market. Currently, the single dispensary operating in the state serves 130 clients – but the waiting list is backed up for months, due to the high demand and small supply. Now, these patients, many of whom have already been waiting for months to access even just a small amount of medicine, are looking forward to the addition of a second location. Continue reading

Vermont Governor Signs Law Decriminalizing Marijuana

[Update: House Bill 200 has now been officially signed into law!]

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin has announced that he’s planning to sign a bill today that will decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana.marijuana3

The measure will alter state coding so that the possession of up to an ounce of marijuana is no longer an arrestable misdemeanor offense, but rather a civil infraction, similar to a traffic ticket. Rhode Island, Massachusetts and California have similar laws, to name a few.

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