Kentucky Hemp Bill Comes Back to Life

Just yesterday we reported on the fact that Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo had effectively killed Kentucky’s hemp legalization bill by refusing to put it to a House vote, despite the Senate votinhempg the measure through with a strong majority, 31-6.  Stumbo attempted to hide behind the excuse that there’s “not enough time”, something that Republican Agriculture Commissioner James Comer, who pushed the bill, called “hypocritical” in an interview with, noting that, essentially, he was wrong. Apparently, he was.

According to the Associated Press, House Floor Leader Rocky Adkins has proposed amendments to the measure, that Stumbo now says he sees as a “path forward”. Though the measure’s fate is still uncertain, this is certainly promising, and a quick reversal from a day full of national news regarding the bill’s death.

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Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi: Respect State Marijuana Laws – Tax and Regulate

In an intervinpmic4twitterew released yesterday on the Denver Post, Nancy Pelosi gave her first direct response regarding what she feels should happen to states that legalize, or have legalized recreational cannabis.

According to Pelosi, “I think that has to be respected”. She goes on to say something even more telling of her position, “I think tax and regulate.”

She continues:

“In order to do that, there has to be a level of respect for the fact, that if you are going to have recreational marijuana, someone is in business to do that and they have to have tax treatment in order for them to function as a business. How the state of Colorado interacts with the federal government on the taxation issues is something they have to work out, but I think they should.”

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Colorado Cannabis Committee Meets This Friday

As a way of helping to streamline the process of forming regulations now that Amendment 64 has passed in Colorado, lawmakers recently established a joint committee (meaning it contains members of both the House and Senate) to formulate legislation.

The Denver Channel.

The Denver Channel.

The committee will have the responsibility of taking the recommendations put forth by Colorado’s marijuana task force (established by the governor), as well as input from the public, and turning that into bills that will then be considered by the state’s legislature.

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Copenhagen Wants To Import Cannabis From Washington And Colorado

The City Council of Copenhagen, Denmark is considering a test-run of legalization – and has expressed interest in importing cannabis from the U.S. Proposing a 3 year trial, the Council claims that, “the legal sale of cannabis will result in decreased gang criminality, more prevention and a better life for average cannabis users”.

According tdenmark-copenhagen-flag-embroidered-patch-a346--4831-po the Deputy Mayor for Social Affairs Mikkel Warming, the city is “looking abroad for where we could import cannabis”. He continues, “We realise of course that there are a lot of international conventions and regulations to deal with, but we think it is possible.”

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Rodeo Clown Convicted of Conspiracy to Manufacture Marijuana, Faces Minimum of 20 Years in Prison

According to an ABC affiliate in Iowa, a professional rodeo clown, Rory Meeks, is heapa-mandatory-minimum-sentences-for-drug-trafficking-crimesded to prison after being convicted by jury of conspiracy to grow marijuana in Iowa.

Although Meeks was acquitted of a second charge, he was convicted on one count of conspiracy to manufacture marijuana.

According to the report, “Federal prosecutors said Meeks planted marijuana along corn and soybean fields in secluded spots in Jones County, tending the plants throughout the summer. They say the 55-year-old and others harvested and processed the plants in the fall, and sold the marijuana in fall and winter.”

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New Mexico House Passes Bill Decriminalizing Marijuana Possession


New Mexico’s House voted today to approve a bill decriminalizing cannabis possession.

Today, New Mexico’s House of Representatives, by a vote of 37-33, approved a measure that decriminalizes up to 4 ounces of cannabis, changing it from an arrestable misdemeanor, to a simple civil infraction of no more than $100.

Penalties for possessing 4-8 ounces would also be lowered to include no possibility of jail time, though the charge would remain a misdemeanor. Under current law, possessing 4-8 ounces will net someone up to a year in prison.

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Wake Up Democratic Leaders, Your Constituency Isn’t Happy

Besides a few champion reformists on both sides of the aisle, neither the Democrats Sept_14_fs_dem_donkey_gop_elephant_Fox_Gfxor Republicans, especially on the national level, are known for being friendly to cannabis law reform. But with our nation’s Senate minority leader, a Republican, co-sponsoring legislation to end hemp prohibition, while the majority leader and president, both Democrats, remain mum, we obviously have a problem.

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Kentucky Speaker of the House Kills Hemp Legalization Bill

In another example of an out-of-touch, power-hungry politician ignoring common-sense, as well as his constituency, Kentucky’s Speaker of the House Greg Stumbo made a public announcement today that Senate Bill 50, to legalize hemp, will not be getting a full House vote this session.


Kentucky Speaker of the House Greg Stumbo.

This news comes just days after Kentucky’s Senate approved the measure by a vote of 31-6; the measure passed its initial committee, the Senate Committee on Agriculture, unanimously.

Showing even further cowardice, Stumbo didn’t even oppose the measure getting a vote on his own accord, but instead tried to use the excuse that there “isn’t enough time”. A spokeswoman for Republican Agriculture Commissioner James Comer, who pushed the bill, told that this is “hypocritical” Read the rest of this entry »

Reminder: Marijuana May Help Fight Breast Cancer

In 2007 ABC News reported on a study which found that marijuana may be helpful in fighting breast cancer. Little research has been published since on the matter, but the results were encouraging, to say the least. breast-cancer-ribbon1

The study was conducted by researchers at the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, and was funded by the California Breast Cancer Research Program. According to ABC News, researchers “have found at the cellular level, a compound in cannabis inhibits the gene that controls the spread of cancer.”

“The problem is not the cancer itself, the problem is the spread of the cancer,” said cancer researcher Yvez Desprez, Ph.D, who points to the gene ID-1 as the trigger. “When this type of gene is expressed, the cells basically go crazy and they’re very aggressive and they metastasize everywhere in the body,” said Desprez.

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New Hampshire Lawmakers Pass Legislation to Legalize Hemp

New Hampshire’s House of Representatives have moved forward with House Bill pol_hemp07__01b__630x420153, which explicitly prohibits hemp from being listed as a controlled substance in the state. The legislation would make New Hampshire the 9th state in the U.S. to legalize hemp. The bill will be up for a full floor vote on Wednesday, where it’s expected to easily pass.

The measure was initially appointed to the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, where it was approved 17-2.

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