Florida Senate Overwhelmingly Passes Medical Cannabis Bill

Florida’s Senate, with a 36 to 3 vote, has approved Senate Bill 1030, a measure to legalize medical cannabis extracts such as oil and tincture. A companion measure has been approvedflorida by the House Appropriations and Judiciary Committees.

If approved into law, Senate Bill 1030, and its companion measure House Bill 843, would allow those in the state who receive a recommendation from a physician to legally possess and use low-THC cannabis extracts for medical purposes. If the full House signs on to the change, which they’re expected to do, the measure will go before Governor Rick Scott, who can either sign the bill into law, allow it to become law without his signature, or veto it.

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Hawaii Governor to Sign Hemp Bill Into Law

This Wednesday Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie will sign Senate Bill 2175 into law.hemp (1)

Senate Bill 2175 will authorize the University of Hawaii to establish a two-year industrial hemp research program aimed at studying the use of hemp for remediation and biofuel. The college would then be tasked with submitting “a final report to the legislature prior to the convening of the regular session of 2016.” Continue reading

Initiative Filed to Legalize Recreational Cannabis in Nevada

An initiative to legalize the recreational use, possession and distribution of cannabis has been filed in Nevada by the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana. Advocates will have until November 11th to collectnevada 101,667 valid signatures; if they’re successful, lawmakers will consider the measure during the 2015 session. If lawmakers reject the measure, it would be automatically put to a vote of the people in 2016.

Under the proposed law, the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis would be legal for everyone 21 and older. Cannabis retail outlets would be authorized to distribute the substance. Continue reading

New Study: Medical Marijuana Legalization Not Associated With Increased Use By Adolescents

By Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director

The enactment of state laws legalizing the physician-recommended use of cannabis therapy is not associated with increased levels of marijuana use by young peoplenormlbud, according to data published online in the Journal of Adolescent Health.

Researchers at Rhode Island Hospital and Brown University assessed the impact of medical cannabis laws by examining trends in reported drug use by high-schoolers in a cohort of states before and after legalization. Researchers compared these trends to geographically matched states that had not adopted medical marijuana laws.

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Illinois House of Representatives Passes Measure to Legalize Hemp Research

Illinois’s House of Representatives have voted 70 to 28 in favor of House Bill 5085, a proposal to legalize hemp cultivation for research purposes.hempillinois

The measure has been assigned to the Senate Agriculture and Conservation Committee; if approved through this committee, and then by the full Senate, it will go to Governor Pat Quinn for consideration.

Under the proposed law, the Illinois Department of Agriculture and state colleges would be authorized to cultivate hemp – defined as having 1% or less THC – for research purposes. Continue reading

Minnesota Senate Committee Votes to Legalize Medical Cannabis

A proposal to legalize medical cannabis has been approved by Minnesota’s Senate Health, Human Services and Housingmedcannabis Committee. The committee approved the measure with a 7 to 3 vote.

If approved into law, Senate Bill 1641 would legalize the possession of up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis to those with a qualifying condition – such as cancer, post traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain – who receive a recommendation from a physician. Dispensaries will also be legalized in order to provide safe access points for patients to obtain their medicine. Continue reading

Iowa Senate Passes Medical Cannabis Bill

Iowa’s Senate, with a vote of 36 to 12, has approved Senate File 2360, a measure to legalize the cannabis compound cannabidiol for medical purposes.iowa

Under the proposed law, which now heads to the state’s House of Representatives, cannabidiol will be legal for those who receive a recommendation from a neurologist. Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis that, like the plant itself, has vast medical value. The measure authorizes the use of cannabidiol in non-smoking form such as oil and tincture. Continue reading

Colorado Senate Unanimously Approves Easing of Hemp Regulations

Colorado’s full Senate has given unanimous approval to Senate Bill 14-184, a measure to ease regulations on industrial hemp cultivation, and to establish a hemp research grant program.hempfield

Under the proposed law, which now heads to the House, an individual wanting to cultivate hemp would be allowed to apply for and receive a license at any point during the year; current law requires farmers to apply by May 1st. The measure would also remove the 10-acre restriction on those growing hemp for research or development purposes, and would remove a restriction that hemp farmers must cultivate the plant outdoors, opening the way for greenhouse-grown hemp. Continue reading

Two Former California Sheriff’s Deputies Charged With Planting Guns At Cannabis Dispensary

Two former Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies have been charged with multiplelacounty felonies, including conspiracy and altering evidence, in connection with planting guns inside a medical cannabis dispensary in 2011 to justify two arrests.

Julio Cesar Martinez and Anthony Manuel Paez were both booked Friday and released on $50,000 bail; they’re scheduled to be arraigned on June 17th. They’re being charged with one felony count each of conspiracy to obstruct justice as well as altering evidence as a peace officer. Martinez was also charged with two felony counts of perjury and one of filing a false report. Continue reading

Missouri House Gives Approval to Measure Legalizing Medical Cannabis Extracts

Missouri’s House of Representatives has given approval to a measure which would legalize cannabis extracts for medical purposes. missouri

Under House Bill 2238, the state’s Department of Agriculture would be authorized to produce, manufacture and distribute cannabis extract that’s low in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and high in CBD (cannabidiol). Those who receive a recommendation from a neurologist would be allowed to possess up to 20 ounces. The proposal also requires the state to certify a higher education institution to cultivate cannabis for research purposes. Continue reading