Study: Occasional Cannabis Users Display Better Executive Control, Memory and Social Cognition than Nonusers

According to a new study, adolescent and young adult who occasionally consume cannabis display better executive control, memory and social cognition than those who don’t.

The study was published by the journal Psychology of Addictive Behavior, and published online by the National Institute of Health. It examined 4,658 individuals ages 14 to 21.

“Cannabis use in youth is rising and has been linked to deficits in cognitive functioning”, states the study’s abstract. “However, cognitive findings have primarily been based on small samples of users seeking treatment, and few studies have evaluated cognition in occasional cannabis users. Here, we examined 4,568 adolescents and young adults (ages 14-21 years) drawn from the Philadelphia Neurodevelopmental Cohort, a prospective, population-based study.”

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Marijuana and Chili Peppers Calm Gut’s Immune System, May Treat Type 1 Diabetes and Colitis

Marijuana and chili peppers may help treat diabetes and colitis by calming the gut, according to new research conducted at the University of Connecticut.

Chili peppers and marijuana may not have much in common, but when eaten, both interact with the same receptor in our stomachs. This is according to a study conducted by University of Connecticut (UConn) researchers, published in the April 24 issue of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The data could lead to new therapies for diabetes and colitis, and opens up intriguing questions about the relationship between the immune system, the gut and the brain, says researchers.

“Touch a chili pepper to your mouth and you feel heat”, states a UConn press release. “And biochemically, you aren’t wrong. The capsaicin chemical in the pepper binds to a receptor that triggers a nerve that fires off to your brain: hot! Those same receptors are found throughout the gastrointestinal tract, for reasons that have been mysterious.”

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Philadelphia Mayor Calls for Marijuana Legalization

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney has come out in support of legalizing marijuana.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney.

“The real solution to this is legalizing it in the state of Pennsylvania as they did in Colorado,” said Mayor Kenney earlier today. “We won’t have to use police resources in these kinds of activities and actions.”

The comment came as Kenney was responding to questions about a Saturday raid on a marijuana “smokeasy”. According to police, 22 people were taken into custody following an investigation of “large-scale marijuana sales”. During the questioning Kenney said “It’s clearly illegal to sell in those quantities”, but noted that there’s “another way” to go about the situation, “as opposed to the amount of resources that were put into this, especially considering our ongoing relationship with that community”..

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10 Surprising Celebrity Marijuana Investors

By Dianna Benjamin,

Investors in cannabis understand the danger for the dollar.  Though 29 states and Washington D.C. have legalized cannabis, the plant’s future is ambiguous.  Cannabis is federally illegal, which means that at any time and regardless of state law, the feds could legitimately shut the entire operation down.

While risky, the burgeoning cannabis industry has been abundantly profitable.  Here’s the 2016 revenue breakdown to prove it:

  • In 2016, the legal cannabis industry was responsible for producing $6.9 billion. That number is predicted to increase to $21.6 billion by 2021.
  • Based on 2016 results, the state of Washington is predicted to make about $270 million annually.
  • Oregon expects to generate $60 million in tax revenue each year.

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Oregon Governor Signs Bill Altering Marijuana Penalties, Removing Marijuana from Controlled Substances Act

Legislation altering Oregon’s marijuana penalties, and removing marijuana from the Uniform Controlled Substances Act, has been signed into law by Governor Kate Brown

marijuana retail outletsSenate Bill 302 was signed into law yesterday by Governor Kate Brown. It was passed by the Senate last month with a 21 to 8 vote, and approved by the House of Representatives 34 to 21 earlier this month. The proposal took effect immediately after being signed by Governor Brown.

The new law reduces the penalty for possessing more than the legal one ounce limit, but less than four times that limit. However, it would increase the penalty for possessing over 16 times the legal limit (anything over a pound. The measure also “repeals additional penalties for the possession, manufacture, or sale of marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school”, and “moves criminal penalties and related provisions from the CSA [Controlled Substances Act] to the Control and Regulation of Marijuana Act”.

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Iowa Legislature Approves Measure Legalizing Distribution of Medical Cannabis Oil

In a last-minute deal Iowa lawmakers gave approval today to legislation to expand the state’s limited medical cannabis oil law that passed in 2014.

House File 524 was approved by the House today at 3am (83 to 11), and was passed by the Senate exactly four hours later (33 to 7), sending it to Governor Terry Branstad for final consideration. The proposal would legalize the production and distribution of cannabis oil for those with a qualifying condition who receive a recommendation from  a physician. Licensed dispensaries would be established to safely distribute the medicine to patients.

“There are many, many citizens, literally thousands of citizens, that could benefit from the use of this medication,” says Representative John Forbes, a Democratic pharmacist who voted in favor of the measure. “They’ll have access now to a treatment for debilitating diseases that are not very well treated sometimes with conventional medicine.”

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Colorado Legislature Approves Measure Adding PTSD and Acute Stress Disorder as Medical Cannabis Conditions

Colorado Legislation to expand the state’s list of qualifying medical cannabis conditions has been passed by the full legislature.

Senate Bill 017 would create “a statutory right to use medical marijuana for a patient with acute stress disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder.” The bill “creates the same rights, limitations, and criminal defenses and exceptions as the constitutional right to use medical marijuana” for all other conditions that currently qualify someone to become a legal medical cannabis patient.

The measure passed the Senate last month with a 34 to 1 vote, and was approved today by the House of Representatives. Given it was amended slightly in the House, it will need to go back for a final vote before being sent to Governor John Hickenlooper for consideration.

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Vermont Marijuana Legalization Bill Passed by Senate

A bill to legalize marijuana for those 21 and older has been given approval by Vermont’s full Senate.

The Vermont Senate approved a bill on Friday that would regulate the production and sale of marijuana and eliminate penalties for personal possession and cultivation by adults 21 and older.

The Senate amended House Bill 167, an unrelated House-approved bill, to replace it with a revised version of a marijuana regulation bill that passed last year in the Senate and failed in the House. The Senate also amended H. 167 to include the same home cultivation provision that is included in H. 170, a bill that has been making its way through the House. H. 170 would eliminate Vermont’s civil penalty for possessing one ounce or less of marijuana and remove penalties for possession of up to two mature marijuana plants and up to four immature plants. The Senate proposal would allow unlimited small-scale cultivation licenses for producers no larger than 500 sq feet. The marijuana regulation bill that failed in the House last year, S. 241, did not include a home cultivation provision.

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Poll: 94% of U.S. Voters Support Legalizing Medical Marijuana, 60% Support Recreational Legalization

New polling shows that nearly every voter in the United States supports legalizing medical marijuana, and a strong majority supports legalizing recreational marijuana.

According to a new Quinnipiac University national poll, U.S. voters say 60% – 34% “that the use of marijuana should be made legal in the U.S.;” this is the highest level of support ever recorded for legalizing marijuana in a Quinnipiac poll.

Voters also support 94% – 5% “allowing adults to legally use marijuana for medical purposes if their doctor prescribes it,” also the highest level of support in any national poll by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University.

Voters oppose 73% – 21% government enforcement of federal laws against marijuana in states that have legalized medical or recreational marijuana. No group supports enforcement in states where marijuana is legal.

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Report: U.S. Hemp Market Valued at $688 Million for 2016

The market for hemp in the United States was worth $688 million in 2016.

Hemp Business Journal and Vote Hemp have released a report detailing the total retail value of hemp products sold in the U.S. in 2016. For the year, there was $688 million in hemp and hemp items sold; this includes items such as hemp soap, hemp seeds, hemp oil, hemp protein powders, hemp shampoo, hemp cereals, etc.. According to the report, sales of hemp CBD products boosted the industry to a five year 22% CAGR (compound annual growth rate).

Of the $688 million market, the report analyzed seven primary product categories: (1) Food (2) Personal care (3) Textiles, (4) Supplements, (5) Hemp derived Cannabidiol (CBD), (6) Industrial Applications such as car parts, and (7) Other Consumer Products such as paper and construction materials. The growth of Hemp CBD — a category with $130 million in sales and growing at a 53% AGR — contributed significantly to the $688 million in total sales.

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