New Mexico Legislature Votes to Add 14 New Medical Marijuana Conditions

New Mexico legislation that would triple the number of qualifying medical marijuana conditions, and prevent parents from losing custody of their children for being a medical cannabis patient, has been passed by the state’s full legislature

House Bill 527 passed the House of Representatives on March 9th with a 45 to 16 vote, and was passed by the Senate on March 17th with a 28 to 9 vote. It now goes to Governor Susana Martinez for consideration.

The proposed law would add 14 new medical marijuana conditions to the state’s medical cannabis program, bringing the total number of conditions from 7, to 21. In addition, the measure “would not allow children to be removed and placed into state custody based solely on an individual’s participation in the medical cannabis program”, and “would also not allow someone to be precluded from receiving an anatomical gift due to that person’s participation in the program.”

Below are the 14 new medical marijuana conditions that would be added if House Bill 527 becomes law:

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Nebraska Judiciary Committee Votes to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Nebraska’s Judiciary Committee has passed legislation to legalize medical marijuana.

Legislative Bill 622 was passed by the Judiciary Committee with a 6 to 1 vote, with Senator Stebe Halloran casting the sole “No” vote. The measure allows those with a qualifying condition to possess and use marijuana medicines if they receive a recommendation from a physician and become licensed with the state. A system of regulated marijuana dispensaries would be authorized.

Qualifying conditions would include opioid addiction, AIDS, epilepsy, glaucoma, Crohn’s disease, Tourette’s syndrome, hepatitis C, lupus, Parkinson’s disease, Lyme disease, spinal cord injury or disease, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety.

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Marijuana Expungement Bill Passed Unanimously by Maryland Senate

Maryland’s full Senate has given approval to Senate Bill 949 to allow marijuana expungements.

The proposal was passed by the Senate Wednesday with a unanimous 47 to 0 vote. A companion bill – House Bill 379was passed today by the House Judiciary Committee.

The proposed laws “expands eligibility for expungements to include convictions for possession of marijuana under § 5-601 of the Criminal Law Article before October 1, 2014.” October 1st, 2014 marked the first day of a law that decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana in the state.

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Virginia Governor Signs Bill Legalizing Pharmacy Distribution of CBD and THC-A Oil

Legislation legalizing the production and distribution of CBD and THC-A oil has been signed by Governor Terry McAuliffe.

Senate Bill 1027 was signed into law by Governor McAuliffe on Thursday. His signatures comes after a unanimous vote in the state’s Senate and House of Representatives (137 to 0).

Senate Bill 1027 “Authorizes a pharmaceutical processor, after obtaining a permit from the Board of Pharmacy (the Board) and under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist, to manufacture and provide cannabidiol oil and THC-A oil to be used for the treatment of intractable epilepsy.” The measure is an expension of a law passed in 2014 that legalized the medical use of CBD and THC-A oil, but without authorizing a legal means of obtaining it.

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Oregon Measure Preventing Marijuana Businesses from Retaining Personal Info Passes Senate Committee

An Oregon bill prohibiting marijuana retail outlets from retaining personal information for more than 48 hours has been passed by the Senate Marijuana Regulations Committee.

Senate Bill 863 was filed by bipartisan coalition of 10 senators and state representatives. It “Prohibits marijuana retailers and medical marijuana dispensaries from retaining identification information of consumers and registry identification cardholders for more than 48 hours after close of business on business day on which marijuana retailer or medical marijuana dispensary acquired information.”

It also “Prohibits marijuana retailer from recording, retaining, or transferring information that may be used to identify a customer.” It does provide an exception “for customers that voluntarily offer name and contact information for marketing purposes”, and “Requires marijuana retailer to destroy any information that may be used to identify a customer within 30 days of the effective date.”

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Oregon House Committee Passes Bill to Alter Marijuana Penalties

Oregon’s Marijuana Regulation Committee has passed a measure that would make several changes to the state’s marijuana laws.

Senate Bill 302 passed Oregon’s Senate earlier this week with a 21 to 8 vote, and it has now been passed by the House Marijuana Regulations Committee. It must now be approved by one more committee before it can be voted on by the full House of Representative, where passage would send it to Governor Kate Brown.

The proposed law reduces the penalty for possessing more than the legal one ounce limit, but less than four times that limit. It would, however, increase the penalty for possessing over 16 times the legal limit. The measure also “repeals additional penalties for the possession, manufacture, or sale of marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school”, and “moves criminal penalties and related provisions from the CSA [Controlled Substances Act] to the Control and Regulation of Marijuana Act”.

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Nevada Bill Would Allow Early Start of Recreational Cannabis Sales

A bill filed today in Nevada’s Senate would allow recreational cannabis sales to begin immediately upon its passage.

Senate Bill 302 would allow medical cannabis dispensaries to immediately begin selling cannabis to anyone 21 and older, regardless of whether or not they’re a qualified patient. Dispensaries would be required to go back to selling exclusively to patients once the state’s recreational cannabis market gets underway.

According to the measure’s legislative counsel’s digest, it “exempts from state prosecution for certain crimes relating to  marijuana a medical marijuana dispensary which sells marijuana, concentrated cannabis, edible marijuana products,  marijuana-infused  products and related supplies and educational materials to a person who is 21 years of age or  older during the period of time between the effective date of this bill and the date upon which the Department of Taxation   issues the first license to a marijuana establishment pursuant to the initiative petition for the retail sale of marijuana and marijuana  products”.

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Washington House Unanimously Passes Bill to Regulate Marijuana Edibles Same as Other Foods

A Washington bill requiring state officials to regulate marijuana-infused food products the same as other foods has been passed unanimously by the state’s House of Representatives.

Marijuana cupcakes. (Photo: Jason Redmond/Reuters)

House Bill 1462 has also been approved by the Senate Agriculture, Water, Trade & Economic Development Committee. The proposal “Requires the department of agriculture to regulate marijuana-infused edible processing the same as other food processing under the state food processing act.”

It also “Requires a marijuana processor that processes, packages, or makes marijuana-infused edibles to obtain an annual marijuana-infused edible endorsement.”

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Georgia Medical Marijuana Bill Passed by House Committee

A key House committee has given approval to a Georgia bill that would greatly expand the state’s medical marijuana program.

Senate Bill 16 would expand a 2015 law that allows for the medical use of cannabis oil by adding six new conditions that qualify someone to become a legal medical cannabis patient. Those conditions are AIDS, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, epidermolysis bullosa, Tourette’s syndrome and peripheral neuropathy.

The bill would also make some other changes, including removing a one-year residency requirement for those wanting to become patients, and altering a quarterly reporting requirement by physicians to a bi-yearly report. Another change is that it allows those from out-of-state to be covered by Georgia’s medical marijuana law for up to 45 days if they are a patient in their home state and have a condition that Georgia’s law covers.

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Hemp Bill Passed By Arkansas House Committee

A bill to allow hemp to be cultivated in Arkansas has been passed by its initial committee.

House Bill 1778 was passed by the House Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Economic Development with a unanimous voice vote.

According to its official text, the proposed law “is intended to assist the state in moving to the forefront of industrial hemp production, development, and commercialization of hemp products in agribusiness, alternative fuel production, and other business sectors, both nationally and globally, and to the greatest extent possible.”

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