Over Half a Million Signatures Collected on Florida Initiative to Legalize Medical Cannabis

floridamedcanOver 500,000 signatures have been collected on United for Care’s initiative to legalize medical cannabis in Florida, Campaign Manager Ben Pollara tells us.

United for Care is required to collect 683,149 signatures by February 1st to place their initiative on the November, 2016 ballot, a number they’re well on track to make.

If placed on the ballot and passed into law, the measure would legalize the possession and state-licensed distribution of cannabis for medical purposes.

United for Care was the sponsor of last year’s medical cannabis legalization initiative Amendment 2, which received 58% of the vote during the general election, but failed to become law as it required 60% (being a constitutional amendment).

Although 683,149 signatures are required to place the new initiative on the 2016 ballot, United for Care has set a goal of one million signatures, to account for those that are invalid.


7 thoughts on “Over Half a Million Signatures Collected on Florida Initiative to Legalize Medical Cannabis”

  1. I learned a great deal about both form of MJ while visiting Colorado this summer. It is NOT a free for all, available everywhere as some TV would suggest. Locations are restricted and a great process of ID is carefully followed. I was having great difficulty regaining my appetite and energy following chemo treatments. I bought some low dose edibles and it helped! Several years ago even an oncologist recommended the higher dose for my husbands pain from pancreatic cancer. We legalize alcohol and tobacco with far more serious side effects.
    The time is NOW. Legalize marajuana in Florida!

  2. Cannabis is the most useful plant on the planet, food, clothing, shelter, energy, medicine, insight, re-creation. Any law against it is a crime against humanity


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