Over 93% of Americans Agree that Medical Cannabis Should be Legalized, According to Poll

A U.S. News poll has found that over 93% of Americans believe that cannabis is medicine,iStock_000011929780Small and should be legalized for medicinal purposes. U.S. News is one of the nation’s oldest and most respected political news organizations, founded in 1933.

The poll, which has been questing readers for over 10 days, is found within an article which discusses the recent change of perspective by neurosurgeon Sanjay Gupta (CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent), who recently apologized to the public for opposing medical cannabis in the past, and now believes strongly that it should be legalized.

After discussing this shift, a poll asks readers “Is Sanjay Gupta Right About Medical Marijuana?” An overwhelming majority believe he is, with over 93% of respondents saying “Yes”.

Although an online poll – regardless of how respected the source – is far from a scientific examination of public opinion, it’s still a clear indication that those who oppose medical cannabis are in a (very) small minority.


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  1. I have used marijuana for 34 of my 47 years now …. when I was younger and using I didn’t realize I was self medicating … I now do …. I only need ibuprofen for pain ..but I have hit 2 telephone poles in my life …been hit by a car once …and thrown from a moving vehicle … survived a 3rd trimester abortion and numerous other things … cancer seems to kill everyone in my family …yet marijuana has gotten me this far and I’m not institutionalized or completely nuts …I am a CNA and a Certified early redponder worked in prisons and taking criminal justice !!! Anybody wanna use me in a study …I’m right here a fb or phone call or email away ….just holler !!! “))


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