Over 60 Italian Lawmakers Sign Motion to Legalize Cannabis

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Over 60 Italian Lawmakers Sign Motion to Legalize Cannabis

Over 60 italymembers of Italy’s Parliament have signed a motion to legalize recreational cannabis.

“It is a bipartisan proposition from members of the parliament of different political backgrounds.” says Senator Benedetto Della Vedova, a Parliamentary undersecretary in the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs. “This shows that even in Italy a pragmatic approach, based on a rigorous cost / benefit analysis, is now increasingly popular in the political and cultural debate, not only outside but also inside the Parliament.”

According to Vedova; “In view of the failure of prohibition the group will draft a pragmatic, non-ideological bill regulating the use of the weed, thereby syphoning profits away from organised crime”. He notes that “Repressive action has totally failed.”

Lawmakers hope to have legalization legislation drafted, and before Parliament by the summer.

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  • Anonymous
    March 20, 2015

    now if we can start working on New England get rid of the mob there that controls basically everything from real estate to whatever and stop getting paid off politicians that only a bunch of thugs maybe things will get better for the working class not to mention the law enforcement there all got their hands out of course its sad I don’t know who they think they’re kidding it’s all about controlling the public what it’s legal illegal most of the time no matter what it is its revenue in their pockets in cash that is on taxable said said

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