Over 200 Doctors Call for Medical Marijuana Legalization in Illinois

Today a group of over 200 physicians in Illinois held a press conference to call on lawmakers to allow residents in the state to use marijuana for medical purposes, and to allow physicians to recommend it. Three physicians attended and spoke on behalf of the group. This call to action pot+leafcomes as House Bill 0001 is being discussed in the state’s legislature, a measure which would legalize medical marijuana. The state’s House of Representatives will likely vote on the measure tomorrow – it’s expected to pass, though of course anything can happen.

The nearly 250 physicians signed on to the statement that, “Licensed medical practitioners should not be punished for recommending the medical use of marijuana to seriously ill people, and seriously ill people should not be subject to criminal sanctions for using marijuana if their medical professionals have told them that such use is likely to be beneficial.” 

During the press conference, Dr. Margaret Millar stated “For many patients, the treatment can sometimes be worse than the disease.. Having seen the devastating, and all-too-often lethal toll that legally prescribed narcotics can take, I support medical marijuana as a safer, milder treatment that carries no risk of fatal overdose.”

This is a great move, and excellent timing. It’s certain to have a big impact, and will help to make Illinois the 19th state to legalize marijuana for medical purposes.


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  1. Well it would be good if they get to legalized the medical marijuana there.

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