Over $11,000 Raised in a Month to Overturn WA’s Senate Bill 5052

mmjplantA campaign to place an injunction on, and overturn Washington State’s Senate Bill 5052 has raised over $11,000 from 118 people in just one month.

Senate Bill 5052, signed by Governor Inslee in April, makes several changes to the state’s medical cannabis law, including drastically reducing the amount of cannabis patients can possess and cultivate, establishing a patient registry and closing down dispensaries.

In response, a team of attorneys, with the help of the nonprofit organization Sensible Washington, announced last month that they will be filing a series of lawsuits to injunct, and eventually overturn this new law (which takes full effect on July 1st, 2016).

To help fund the immense costs of trying to overturn a law passed by the state, the group setup a GoFundMe campaign seeking donations from those willing to help fund the legal challenge.

In just one months time, the group has already raised $11,456 from 118 people and organizations, with donations still coming in.

The attorneys working on the lawsuits include Sensible Washington Founder and criminal defense attorney Douglass Hiatt, attorney Jeffrey Steinborn who has over 45 years of legal experience, and attorney Arron Pelley of Pelley law LLC.


6 thoughts on “Over $11,000 Raised in a Month to Overturn WA’s Senate Bill 5052”

    • james peterson;

      I look at it this way. It’s apparent from reading the updates that they consider this a serious endeavor. These are very prestigious and well regarded attorney’s in the legal community. They mention (in the updates) that this could indeed, be a long fight involving several different lawsuits. I’m pleased and thankful that they are helping Washington’s medical patients stop this bad law.


  1. Jennifer,

    Yes, my mailbox is currently being flooded with requests from State politicians for monetary donations too. I normally donate to some politicians every election cycle. However, I’m no longer supporting Washington politicians with donations. Instead I’m making my monetary donations here : http://www.gofundme.com/saveaccesswa Thanks!

  2. Washington/ Seattle politicians grossly underestimated the amount of anger, resentment and betrayal felt by State residents toward our elected officials. Killing off Washington’s voter approved 1998 State medical marijuana law, replacing it with a prohibitionist farce, masquerading as a patient protection bill, hopefully results in a huge voter back-lash come at election time.

    • I agree David and with so many medical marijuana patients we can get rid of them! Inslee is up this coming election and I have received an E-mail asking for MONEY! I cannot believe it, all he will get from me is a non vote (but I really hope we get another that is smart and for ALL of us)


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