Over $1.2 Million in Recreational Cannabis Sold Each Day in Washington State

marijuanamoneyThere’s over $1 million in recreational cannabis sold each day in Washington State among the 142 outlets that are reporting sales figures, according to the Liquor Control Board (LCB).

According to the LCB (which will be renamed the Liquor and Cannabis Board on July 24th), there are 161 licensed recreational cannabis outlets throughout Washington State, with 142 reporting sales. On average, there is $1,243,926 in recreational cannabis sold each day, which results in roughly $311,000 in daily tax revenue. In total, there has been $205,917,611 in cannabis sold since legal sales began July 1st of 2014. This has resulted in $51,479,403 in taxes for the state.

According to the LCB, there has been 51,899 pounds of cannabis harvested for recreational sales in 2015, and over 1,600 grams of extracts produced.

You can find further statistics on legal cannabis sales in Washington, including a new daily tacker, by clicking here.


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    • Fluffheadpnwp on May 28, 2015 at 10:56 pm
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    Greedy 502 pigs I guess a this isn’t enough so now they want to start coming after patients who won’t support their greed. Fuck you wa canna biz and 502 cartel.

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