Orlando, Florida Lawmakers Pass Cannabis Decriminalization Ordinance

orlandoCommissioners in Orlando, Florida have given approval to an ordinance that establishes a ticket for those caught possessing up to 20 grams of cannabis – rather than mandatory arrest – similar to laws passed recently in Miami-Dade, Florida’s largest county, as well as Broward County, Palm Beach County, Volusia County, Key West, West Palm Beach, Hallandale Beach and Tampa. The vote was 4 to 3, with the city’s Mayor Buddy Dyer voting in favor.

Under the proposed law – which will receive one final vote from city commissioner on May 9 – law enforcement will have the option of issuing a $50 civil citation to someone caught with 20 grams or less of cannabis rather than being legally forced to issue a misdemeanor (punishable by up to a year in prison) as the current law stands.

In addition to having support from the city’s mayor, the ordinance is supported by the city’s Police Chief, John Mina.

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