Oregon State Fair Featuring Cannabis Competition

Oregon State Fair Featuring Cannabis Competition

Cannabis CompetitionFor the first time in its history, the Oregon State Fair will feature a cannabis competition at this year’s event. The competition will be for the best fully-grown cannabis plants.

The event will feature a variety of cannabis plants that will be displayed in a greenhouse exhibit that can be viewed by anyone 21 and older.

“We are doing it 4H style,” says Dan Cox, a spokesperson for the fair. “You get a blue, purple or yellow ribbon. We are celebrating the plant as a farm crop from Oregon.”

“This is really a reflection of where Oregon is now as a state,” he says.

The plants will be judged by a panel of professional growers, including the renowned Ed Rosenthal.

“We are not promoting the use of cannabis,” says Cox. “We are there to show plants to people over 21 what award-winning cannabis plants look like.”

The fair will take place from August 26th to September 5th, from 10am to 10pm. The cannabis plants will be on exhibit each day, with winners being decided prior to the start of the fair.

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