Oregon Proposal to Prohibit Cities from Banning Dispensaries Approved Unanimously Through Senate

A bill that would allow Oregon cities and counties to regulate medical cannabis dispensaries, while prohibiting them from placing an all-out ban, has been approved unanimously through the Senate.oregon Senate Bill 1531 now heads to the House of Representatives, where its passage will send it to the governor.

Senate Bill 1531 would allow city and county governments to regulate certain aspects of medical cannabis dispensaries – which were legalized last year – such as hours of operation and location. However, cities would be prohibited from banning dispensaries entirely, even for short periods (such as with a moratorium).

The original bill would have allowed localities to ban dispensaries, but the language was removed in the Senate Judiciary Committee through amendment.

If approved, the proposal would have a direct effect on a number of cities, including Stayton, which have already approved bans or moratoriums on dispensaries.

We’ll keep you updated as the bill moves forward.


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