Oregon May Soon Begin Licensing Hemp Farmers for Legal Production

In 2009 Oregon lawmakers voted to legalize hemp, but the law was put on hold as agricultural officials decided to wait for a change in federal law. Now that the Obama Administration has announcmarijuana hemped that they won’t enforce federal prohibition in states which have legalize cannabis, Senator Floyd Prozanski, who cosponsored the 2009 law, wants the state to move forward with legal hemp production.

“Sounds like we will be having a conversation with the Department of Agriculture and figuring out what the next steps are,” says Prozanski.

Amanda Marshal, the U.S. Attorney for Oregon, told the Oregonian that her office wouldn’t interfere with legal hemp production, as long as it’s regulated.

Argicultural officials in the state have stated that they’ll seek a legal opinion from the Oregon Department of Justice before proceeding, but it’s unlikely they’ll disagree with Marshal.

Kentucky is taking a similar approach to what Oregon is considering, with the Kentucky Industrial Hemp Commission voting today to move forward with a plan from the state’s Department of Agriculture to soon begin licensing hemp farmers.


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