Oregon Measure Preventing Marijuana Businesses from Retaining Personal Info Passes Senate Committee

An Oregon bill prohibiting marijuana retail outlets from retaining personal information for more than 48 hours has been passed by the Senate Marijuana Regulations Committee.

Senate Bill 863 was filed by bipartisan coalition of 10 senators and state representatives. It “Prohibits marijuana retailers and medical marijuana dispensaries from retaining identification information of consumers and registry identification cardholders for more than 48 hours after close of business on business day on which marijuana retailer or medical marijuana dispensary acquired information.”

It also “Prohibits marijuana retailer from recording, retaining, or transferring information that may be used to identify a customer.” It does provide an exception “for customers that voluntarily offer name and contact information for marketing purposes”, and “Requires marijuana retailer to destroy any information that may be used to identify a customer within 30 days of the effective date.”

The measure “Declares emergency”, meaning it would be “effective on passage”.

The full text can be found by clicking here.

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