Oregon Made Over $8 Million in Taxes From Legal Marijuana Sales in September

In September those in Oregon purchased enough marijuana legally for the state to earn over $8 million in tax revenue.

More precisely, Oregon made $8,054,422 in marijuana taxes in September, according to new data released by the Oregon Department of Revenue. Although this is lower than the record setting $10.1 million made in August, it represents a an 8% increase from the $7.4 million garnered in September, 2017.

Of the $8 million in marijuana taxes made in September, roughly $6.9 million came from the statewide marijuana tax (17%), with the remaining $1.1 million coming from local taxes (up to 3% per locality).

This new data brings the state’s marijuana tax total for FY 2019 (which began on July 1 and goes to June 30, 2019) to $22,268,666, putting the yearlong total on track to reach $90 million, which would surpass the $82 million made in FY 2018.

For a full breakdown of the marijuana tax revenue Oregon has made since the start of legal sales in 2016, click here.

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