Oregon Legislature Gives Final Approval to Measure Legalizing Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

Oregon’s House of Representatives has just given final approval to a measure – House Bill 3460 – which legalizes medical cannabis dispensaries in the state; the House had already approved the bill, but one last voMedical-Marijuanate was required after the Senate approved a slightly amended version a few days ago. Now, with the full legislature voting to approve the measure, it heads to the governor for final consideration.

The governor has signed several cannabis proposals in recent weeks – including one to drastically reduce the charges associated with cannabis possession – and he’s expected to sign House Bill 3460.

Under the new law, dispensaries will be authorized to become licensed and operational – without fear of state-level prosecution – so long as they follow certain guidelines, such as testing for molds and pesticides, and remaining 1,000 feet from schools.

Under the proposed regulations, over 200 dispensaries are expected to open, finally providing patients in the state with safe access to their medicine. This is a huge step forward given that medical cannabis is legal in the state, yet distribution points are not, forcing many patients to rely on the black-market.

This new law takes effect on March 1st, 2014.


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