Oregon House Passes Measure to Allow Recreational Cannabis Sales to Begin Oct. 1st, Bill Heads to Governor

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Oregon House Passes Measure to Allow Recreational Cannabis Sales to Begin Oct. 1st, Bill Heads to Governor

cannajarLegislation to allow legal recreational cannabis sales to begin this October 1st has been approved by Oregon’s House of Representatives with a 40 to 19 vote, just days after passing the Senate 23 to 6.

Senate Bill 460, which now goes to Governor Kate Brown, allows currently operating medical cannabis dispensaries to begin selling cannabis – tax free – to anyone 21 and older starting October 1st. They would be authorized to sell dried cannabis flowers, as well as cannabis seeds and clones.

The passage of this measure is in response to cannabis becoming legal in Oregon on July 1st, without any legal means for people to obtain the substance. Cannabis retail outlets, regulated by the Oregon Liquor Commission, are expected to open next year, but not until the summer.

There’s no word yet on whether Governor Brown will sign the bill into law, allow it to become law without her signature, or veto it.

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Governor Brown today signed legislation which, among other provisions, reduces most cannabis-related felonies to misdemeanors, and allows certain cannabis convictions to be expunged from a person’s criminal record.



  • David
    July 2, 2015

    They can’t wait up there until their system’s in place.? Even with the ability to grow rec. weed ? These are the kind of stupid idea’s that will end legalization nation-wide via the new AG

  • CalicoRock
    July 3, 2015

    Take it from a Washington resident that just watched my State Senate and Governor completely destroy and decimate Washington’s 1998 voter approved medical marijuana law (and soon close Washington’s medical dispensaries}. Why when Oregon allows rec grows?

    Oregon’s just opened the hen-house doors for Mr. Fox to wander around at will inside. Now Mr. Fox’s job will be killing Oregon’s medical marijuana law. And you didn’t think they learned anything in Salem from the Olympia ?

    In six month’s let’s see if Oregon’s medical patients can get their dispensaries back from Mr. Fox ?

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