Oregon Governor Signs Measure Adding PTSD as Qualifying Medical Marijuana Condition

Oregon has officially become the 4th state in the U.S. which allows those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to become qualifying1edit_medical_marijuana1 medical marijuana patients. Governor John Kitzhaber signed Senate Bill 281 yesterday, joining Oregon with three other states – Connecticut, Delaware, and New Mexico – which allow PTSD as a qualifying condition.

The measure passing into law, which is a huge victory for compassion and commonsense, comes just a couple weeks after a study – conducted by the New York University School of Medicine – found that one of marijuana’s primary compounds may combat the symptoms of PTSD by bringing equilibrium in the prison’s CB1 receptors.

Other research has indicated that cannabis can be helpful in treating PTSD, and may even help prevent it, if administered quickly after a traumatic experience.


2 thoughts on “Oregon Governor Signs Measure Adding PTSD as Qualifying Medical Marijuana Condition”

  1. I smoke marijuana because I have excruciating pain, it is the medicine that needs recognition and to be truthful I have never come upon a violent stoner!

    Im about to hit the bong man!

  2. i have had p.t.s.d. 4 50yrs after of sexual abuse at a earlly…………….smoked marajuana daily if poss……i tell my phyc.


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