Oregon Committee Approves Measure Legalizing Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

Oregon Legislature’s chief budget committee has approved House Bill 3460, a measure to legalize medical cannabis dispensaries in the state.large_15749_madmanogbud_1333590824 The proposal was approved by the House Health Care Committee in April, and now heads to a full House vote, where its passage would send it to the Senate. The state’s attorney general has recently came out in support of the bill.

In Oregon, qualified patients are authorized to possess and consume cannabis, but safe access points remain illegal, forcing most patients to obtain their medicine through the black-market. House Bill 3460 would solve this problem by making these access points legal, as long as they become licensed by the state and follow certain regulations such as testing for mold and pesticides.

Medical cannabis advocates in Oregon should be contacting their district’s legislators, urging them to support House Bill 3460.


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