Oregon College Offers New Course On Hemp

Oregon State University

This month Oregon State University will begin registration for a new course offered this coming spring: WSE 266 – the study of hemp.

The 3-credit course will examine the historical and political contexts of hemp, as well as growing, and industrial applications.

“It’s an up and coming crop in the United States and we are going to need professionals coming out of academia who are experts in multiple areas,”said Anndrea Hermann, the instructor coordinating the class. Intended to appeal to a wide variety of applicants, ranging from those in food science studies all the way to students of fashion industry, there is no doubt seats will fill up fast.

This is a wonderful example of our institutions of higher learning taking the monumental step towards our country’s future, and offering education on one the most useful, beneficial products on the planet. We can only hope more colleges will follow suite, and begin offering similar course options in the near future.

Registration for this particular class begins February 24th.

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1 thought on “Oregon College Offers New Course On Hemp”

  1. It’s about time! Hemp has so many industrial applications, but due to decades of propaganda, many have forgotten the true benefits of hemp and its byproducts.

    American hemp manufacturing and sales is a multimillion dollar industry, and that’s all while the main aspect of the industry – the hemp – is still classified as illegal to grow!

    By bringing the benefits of hemp back to the forefront, OSU will hold considerable influence in the development of a domestic hemp production market to compliment the already viable hemp consumption market in this country.


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