Oregon: Over $25 million in Taxes Earned in First Six Months of Legal Cannabis Sales

Cannabis SalesIn the first six months of legal recreational cannabis sales in Oregon, the state has already garnered $25.5 million in taxes, putting the state on track for over $50 million for the first year.

The numbers are based on data released by the Oregon Department of Revenue. Currently only medical cannabis dispensaries are selling recreational cannabis – with a 25% tax at the point of sale (medical cannabis is tax free) – though that will change next year when licensed cannabis retail outlets open; at that point dispensaries will go back to selling exclusively to patients.

Currently dispensaries can only sell up to a quarter ounce of cannabis to non-patients, despite them being able to possess up to an ounce; once retail outlets open they’ll be able to sell up to a full ounce.

In addition to being able to legally possess and purchase up to an ounce of cannabis, those 21 and older can legally cultivate up to four plants for personal use, and can possess up to eight ounces produced from those plants as long as no more than an ounce is taken outside of the private residence.

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