Ordering Weed Couldn’t Be Easier 

Ordering Weed Couldn’t Be Easier 

Have you ever thought about purchasing cannabis products online? 


A lot has changed since Canada and many of the states in the US have legalized the sale of marijuana. First weed dispensaries opened up their doors in towns and cities across both countries, and stocked their shelves with many different cannabis products. Shortly after, many of the brick-and-mortar weed stores opened up online stores, so people could order potent buds on the internet without having to leave their homes.


This gradually became the preferred method of buying the cannabis, until early 2020, when the coronavirus spread around the globe, online sales started booming and it was one of the only ways to acquire it. Cannabis consumers felt it was a much safer option because they could place their order without having to step foot outside their door. With scientists and politicians pleading with us to stay home to help reduce the spread of Covid-19, many found shopping online for items including cannabis products, a more ideal and convenient method. 

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With the days where people were forced to purchase weed on the black market behind us, ordering cannabis or to buy weed packs on the web is both a safe and enjoyable experience if you know what you are doing. In this article we will explain how to purchase marijuana easily on the internet, so even if you are not tech-savvy, you should still be able to buy the substance without breaking a sweat. 


How do you Find Weed For Sale on the Web?


In areas where you can purchase cannabis online you should easily be able to find dispensaries close by that sell their products on the internet. Prior to the pandemic, not every weed store sold items on the web, however, since 2020 began it seems like each physical store has an online presence.  


With so many online stores out there, the problem that many people face is deciding what online dispensary is best for them. Luckily, the internet is packed with forums, chat rooms, websites and social media pages that can help you. Cannabis consumers often post reviews explaining to others what their experience was like buying marijuana from different sites. While you can expect each dispensary to get a few negative reviews, obviously avoid the locations that get slammed by their clientele.



Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are scrolling through reviews:


  • Delivery time: There is nothing worse than running out of cannabis, especially if you use the substance for medicinal purposes. If people are constantly complaining online about the time it took to receive their order, perhaps think about using a different dispensary. If your stash is really low, consider purchasing from a dispensary near to your home. Some of these dispensaries will even offer same-day delivery. 


  • Quality of the weed: One of the disadvantages people find when they are Ordering Weed Online is that they don’t get to see the product before they buy it. In most dispensaries you will get the chance to examine the cannabis, which can help you decide what weed is best for you. However, if online dispensaries sell low quality buds, you are bound to find some negative reviews on the net. 


  • Price of the product: Just like anything else, some online stores will provide better prices than others. Nowadays, the cannabis industry is extremely competitive. However, some people find themselves spending hours clicking through different online dispensaries looking for the best deal. A lot of cannabis enthusiasts like to help others, so once they come across a good deal, they let everybody else know by posting it on a social networking group or an online forum. 


There are lots of cannabis groups online and on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 



Avoid Shopping on an Online Marketplace


Unfortunately, just because weed has become legal in places all over the world, doesn’t mean people have stopped selling the product on the black market. Although it might be tempting to purchase weed illegally on the internet, don’t do it. It’s just not worth it. 


People often find cheaper cannabis for sale on sites like Craigslist. Although you might find yourself saving a few dollars, understand that you are breaking the law. Some authorities will punish those caught. Remember, the money generated from authorized dispensaries is taxed, and governments put this money to good use such as building roads, hospitals and schools. Some people who sell weed illegally on the internet are hardened criminals. Some of them are involved in serious crimes and often use the profit from selling marijuana on the internet to help fund other criminal activities. Since cannabis has been legalized, authorities have seen a major decrease in gangland problems. Purchasing product from these people can help increase crime again. 


Another common problem with buying cannabis from these online marketplaces is the lack of quality. Unlike an authorized dealer who knows the importance of keeping a good reputation and meeting government standards, unauthorized dealers rarely have the same work ethic. They can describe low quality cannabis as however they like. You can forget about getting a refund if you are not happy with your order.


Make Contact with the Store before you Order


To succeed in the marijuana industry, customer service is vital. If you have ever gone into a physical weed dispensary, the chances are you have been greeted by a friendly staff member who is eager to help you start shopping. These people are called ‘budtenders’. They seem to know everything there is to know about cannabis, especially all the details on the products available inside the store where they work. They are able to help you out with whatever question you have, whether you are a frequent cannabis user or you are completely new to the substance. 


The problem that many people come across when purchasing weed online is that their friend the ‘budtender’ is nowhere to be seen. However, some of the best cannabis stores online allow you to chat to a member of staff through a live chat. You are able to discuss any queries you might have, which can help you find the right product.


If the site doesn’t have a live chat option, consider emailing or calling the company for advice.


Consider Running a VPN


Unfortunately, cybercrime is extremely common nowadays. Every minute of every day somebody becomes a victim of cybercrime. When purchasing weed on the net, most sites will ask for your banking details. Although most of these sites use sophisticated and secure payment options, you can never be 100% sure. 


To help reduce the risk of a cybercriminal gaining access to your personal information, consider running a VPN. This service will mask your original IP address and replace it with a random IP address issued by a server in a different location, making it much more challenging for a hacker to gain access to your device. 


The one issue that you might find when running a VPN to purchase cannabis is that the site will only sell to customers in certain areas. You might have to change the location of the network to somewhere close to you to allow you to make the purchase. When choosing a VPN, consider finding out if they have a network in a city or town close to you. 

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