Online Canadian Dispensaries – Boom or Bust Industry?

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Online Canadian Dispensaries – Boom or Bust Industry?

The world is transforming into all things digital, which also includes products such as cannabis. Canadian citizens, with a valid address over the age of 19 (or 21 in Québec) are legally able to purchase buds over the internet. Additionally, the Canadian Government has recently allowed the online sale of cannabis products including: extracts, lotions and edibles.

While online dispensaries are relatively new in Canada, we wanted to take a moment to shed some light on the opportunities presented by this growing business.

The Opportunities Presented by Online Dispensaries

Because e-commerce has grown to be a large trend worldwide, since it’s humble beginnings in 1991, it’s no surprise how cannabis has begun to carve out it’s own niche in the online Canadian marketplace. Sales from e-commerce alone has the potential to reach 55 billion Canadian dollars by 2023, alone.

Canadians are also quite comfortable making online purchases, and consumer confidence in e-commerce remains high. Younger Canadians tend to be more trusting of online shopping than older citizens, with only 18% of Canadians expressing concerns of sharing credit card info online. While Canadians are more confident buying goods over the internet, online dispensaries have struggled to make a name for themselves.

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Are Canadians Afraid of Online Dispensaries?

A recent study suggests that most customers prefer in-person cannabis purchases, from brick-and-mortar stores – the majority of Canadians don’t like or trust the process of buying weed online. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that only 14% of Canadians regularly purchases cannabis through online stores.

What’s the deal with favoring physical dispensaries over online stores? Most people consider themselves to be a connoisseur of sorts, preferring to see, smell and (sometimes) touch various strains before making any purchases. Customers also enjoy the ambiance of visiting a physical dispensary, taking a moment to relax and discuss their favorite strains, etc. These locations often offer events, discounts and deals, further enhancing the social atmosphere, establishing a loyal customer base.

Five Reasons to Try Online Dispensaries

While there may be no possible way to recreate the in-person dispensary experience with an online shop, that doesn’t mean Canadians should dismiss the entire idea. Regardless of any negative opinions, online dispensaries are growing to be a necessary alternative. Buying weed online does have its support – with websites like Online Dispensary Canada – rebranded from Blue+Yellow, having positive reviews to back this support up. However, regardless of any negative opinions, online dispensaries are growing to be a necessary alternative. Here are five reasons to give an online dispensary a try:

  • Simply for Patients with Limited Mobility

    Many medical marijuana patients suffer from conditions such as MS, arthritis, etc., which severely limits mobility. Online dispensaries present a more convenient option to those in need of placing cannabis orders from home – providing an invaluable service unmatched by brick-and-mortar stores.

  • Convenience of Online Shopping

    One obvious benefit of online dispensaries, is convenience. It’s not difficult to locate your desired product on a computer, add it to your cart and complete shipping and payment info. You can easily track your package as soon as it leaves the dispensary, before it even gets to your door, once your order has been placed. Considering the fact that e-commerce shops are open 24/7, there’s no need to be concerned with the operating hours of a brick-and-mortar store – you can place your cannabis order at your own convenience.

  • Less Demand on Mental Health Patients

    Canadians dealing with mental health issues may be presented with undue stress when visiting a physical dispensary – leading to episodes of social anxiety, depression, and more. The possibility of ordering medical marijuana online may be easier for mental health patients, such as returning soldiers suffering from PTSD.

  • Great for Citizens Residing in Remote Locations

    Currently, there is only one physical dispensary location per 100,000 Canadians, according to recent data. While dispensaries continue to crop up throughout the country on a monthly basis, there are too few to continuously supply the demands of Canada’s cannabis customer base.

    This challenging situation could be easily solved by online dispensaries, with something as simple as an internet connection. Even citizens residing in a rural area could receive cannabis goods to their door with ease, minus the hassle of traveling far distances in order to reach a store in person.

  • Shopping Made Simple for the Inquisitive

    Today, more Canadians are interested in trying cannabis than ever before, especially since it has gone mainstream – possibly as much as 25% of all Canadians (according to a recent survey). The majority of these new customers are over 35 years of age, and simply curious about marijuana’s touted benefits (such as analgesic effects).

    As enjoyable as visiting a physical dispensary can be, it can also feel a bit overwhelming for those new to the world of cannabis. What’s better than browsing online dispensaries in the comfort of your pajamas, at your own pace? No rush, no long lines – just you, your computer and e-commerce.

An Uncomplicated Delivery Option: The Online Dispensary
Online dispensaries continue to play a significant role in the evolution of the cannabis market throughout Canada. These dispensaries aid in meeting the high demand of remote areas, playing a vital role in the delivery of medical marijuana to needy patients. Regardless of whether or not you’re currently a fan of online dispensaries, you will be surprised to learn about the sheer variety of weed available online, the simple delivery options, and more.

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