One Week Until These Five States Vote on Legalizing Cannabis

states voteIt’s hard to believe, but we are now just one week and two days away from the 2016 election. In addition to a heated presidential race, there are five states voting on the legalization of cannabis for those 21+.

Below are these five states, all of which have the opportunity on November 8th to legalize cannabis:



Proposition 64 is by far polling better than any other legalization initiative on next week’s ballot. Some polling (as recent as last month) shows support above 70%.  Prop 64 would allow those 21+ to possess up to an ounce of cannabis and grow up to six plants. It would also legalize a regulated system of cannabis retail outlets and cultivation centers.

In addition to legalizing an ounce and six plants, Prop 64 would reduce certain cannabis penalties. This includes reducing the charge for growing seven to 15 plants from a felony to a misdemeanor. These changes would be done retroactively, meaning it could lead to the release of hundreds currently in prison.

The full text of Prop 64 can be found by clicking here.



Question 2 would also legalize the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis, and the cultivation of up to six plants. As well, it would legalize cannabis retail outlets. Recent polling shows the race is going to be a tight one. 47% of voters are in support of the measure, and 43% opposed. The undecided 10% will decide the race, meaning it could easily go either way.

The full text of Question 2 can be found by clicking here.



Question 1 is pretty much identical to Nevada’s Question 2. The possession, personal cultivation and licensed distribution of cannabis would be allowed for those 21 and older. Polling from last month shows that a majority of voters favor the proposal. 53% are in support, with 38% opposed.

The full text of Question 2 can be found by clicking here.



Following the trend, Question 4 would allow up to an ounce of cannabis to be possessed and used. Cultivating up to six plants would also be legal, as would cannabis retail outlets. A difference is that Question 4 allows for the possession of up to 10 ounces in a private residence. This would be the highest amount allowed of any legal cannabis state (Oregon allows eight ounces in a private residence).

Polling from just a few days ago shows a close race. 49% of voters support the measure, while 42% oppose it.

The full text of Question 4 can be found by clicking here.



Arizona’s Proposition 205 would do pretty much exactly what the above-mentioned measures would do. If passed, cannabis possession, cultivation and licensed distribution would be legal for those 21 and older. Recent polling shows the proposal is a decent position, but it’s still far too close for comfort. 50% support the measure, with 42% opposed.

The full text of Prop 205 can be found by clicking here.

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    They need to legalize marijuana in New Jersey every where I guess the problem is how can they tax it

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