One of the Best Vaporizers Under $100

The Apex True Dry Herb Vaporizer, sold at, is one of the best vaporizers around if you’re on a budget (and even if you’re not). There are many reasons to pick up an Apex, so we’ll break it down one-by-one. Apex-dry-herb-vaporizer-main

True vapor–not just blowing smoke

A lot of vape pens and less expensive vaporizers, have one huge drawback (especially the pens): they’re not vaping at all. What they’re really doing is just igniting the herbs and producing smoke. In truth, they’re really just electronic pipes–which is fine if that’s what you’re looking for.

But if you’re here, it’s probably because you want a great vape without breaking the bank. Introducing the Apex. The Apex has a stainless steel heating chamber with no exposed heating coils. Instead, the heating elements are internal, so the chamber gets hot without burning or combusting your herbs.

Getting the most vapor

Not only will you prevent burning your herbs and producing smoke with the Apex, you’ll get plenty of vapor thanks to the multiple temperature settings. The combustion point for most herbs is 446 degrees Fahreneheit. Anything over that will burn your herbs. The Apex reaches 380, 400, and 420 degrees, meaning you will get decent clouds of vapor without the risk of combusting.

Packing more power

Previous versions of the Apex were similar to other portable vaporizers and provided about an hour of use on a full charge. Recent updates include a higher capacity battery, which provides closer to 2 hours of use per charge–an impressive duration for a portable vape.

Vape Herbs, Oils, and Liquids

The latest Apex includes an accessory called the wax and oil cup, which you can use to load concentrates and oils in the chamber without damaging the unit. This makes the Apex a true 3-in-1 option, a claim that many vape pens make, but fail to truly achieve. So whatever your preference is, the Apex has you covered.

Pure flavor, not plastic flavor

The first few vape sessions of the Apex may produce a slightly plastic, “new” taste. However, after a few vape sessions, the taste will wear off and only the flavor of the herbs will come through the stainless steel chamber.


The latest version of the Apex is one of the best portable vaporizer under $100. The vapor production is on par with units that cost up to $200 or more, and the battery life and flexibility are better than most. Even if you’re not just looking to save a buck, the Apex won’t disappoint. Pick up one here.

To check out the video review, take a look at the demonstration here.

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