One Hitters 101: What Are They And How Do They Work?

One Hitters 101: What Are They And How Do They Work?

One-hitters are easy to clean, discreet, and compact. It’s no wonder why they’re a favorite among many smokers. Most one-hitters have a small bowl size that allows users to conserve cannabis and smoke efficiently. They’re perfect for a hit on the go or a quick solo smoke.


What’s a One-Hitter?


So, what are one-hitters? Well, these small cylindrical pipes can hold enough cannabis that users can take for ‘one hit,’ thus the name. They’re easily concealed because they’re generally small, making them suitable for people who are always on the go. One-hitters can be made from different materials, including wood, stone, clay, glass, and metal.


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While you can’t compare one-hitters to water bongs, they’re still very effective. In fact, they can still deliver light to powerful hits. The best thing about this device is that it has always been an entry-level pipe that’s more affordable than the other options available in the market. They’re also easy to use.


One-hitters are very popular among those who are just entering the cannabis world for whatever reasons. The older cannabis users also still keep them as part of their collections.


Why are One-Hitters so Popular?


As already mentioned, one-hitters are still widely used despite being in the market for a long time. The reasons for its popularity include being easy. user-friendly, and easily concealed for individuals on the go. Not to mention that one-hitters also allow both medical cannabis patients and recreational users to control dose size easily and save incredible amounts of bud.


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How Should You Use One-Hitters?


Many people ask, are one-hitters easy to use? Absolutely! In fact, cannabis users can also quickly get a green hit through them. 


Most one-hitters in the market come with a dugout. The best pipes, though, like the one from the DART, work with a smell-proof canister instead of dugouts. 


A dugout or canister means that you can just grind up your daily cannabis ration and get to work or whatever activity you’re up for the day. Once you feel taking a hit, you can generally load, use the one-hitter, exhale, then conceal it again inside your pocket or bag. It’s that simple!


Here’s a more detailed look at the steps involved in using one-hitters:



  • Grind the Cannabis and Collect the Material into Your Dugout – Place your grinder card on top of your open dugout. Then, gently rub a cannabis bud on the grinder card’s surface. It will allow you to effortlessly fill your container because the ground cannabis will fall through the holes on its own. If there are any remaining pieces, use your finger to push them through to the dugout.



Acquiring a grinder is highly recommended, even if some people prefer just pushing the cannabis right into their one-hitter’s hole. Grinding the buds first will allow you to obtain more mileage from the material because the cannabis will burn more evenly. The chance of the piece getting clogged is also lower.



  • Pack the One-Hitter Vertically – Dip the one-hitter’s bowl end into your container full of ground cannabis. Make sure to twist on the surface to really get the material. For a well-packed, longer-lasting piece, perform the dip and twist actions at least two times. Once it’s time to do a final packing of the bowl, use another flat surface, the grinder card, or even your fingers to remove any hanging cannabis bits. Remember to avoid inadvertently restricting airflow by not packing the one-hitter too tight.


  • Light the One-Hitter and Begin to Inhale the Smoke Begin to inhale after slowly bringing the flame from a hemp wick or lighter towards the one-hitter bowl once it has been packed.  



Once the flame is in contact with the cannabis bud, a cherry will be created. It will allow you to smoke the bowl’s remaining cannabis without having to use a lighter or hemp wick further. Don’t forget to avoid coughing fits or unnecessary respiratory irritation by inhaling and exhaling in a slow, smooth way.



  • Clear the One-Hitter Bowl from Ash – Expel the ash from the bowl by blowing it out or gently tapping the one-hitter against a hard surface. Do it after the entirety of the cannabis in the pipe has been smoked. However, note that these methods don’t completely rid the pipe’s air pathway of the sticky, stubborn resin. They’ll only work for a preliminary clearing. With that said, always carry some sort of poker. You can buy a dedicated poker tool or make do with a toothpick, paper clip, or dabber. It’s an essential piece in your cannabis arsenal aside from the hitter and the buds.



Final Thoughts


For cannabis users who are aiming for portability, one-hitters are an excellent tool. You can take them around smoothly without much detection because of their small, compact size. In the sense of ease of use, that’s how vape pens work too.


Note that there are different one-hitters that cannabis users like you might want to consider. There’s no one-type-fits-all one-hitter, so don’t forget to research before choosing any one of them.

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