Oklahoma Voters Legalize Medical Cannabis

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Oklahoma Voters Legalize Medical Cannabis

Oklahoma voters have legalized medical cannabis through the passage of State Question 788.

The initiative allows those with a recommendation from a physician to possess and use up to three ounces of cannabis (eight ounces at home), and up to 72 ounces of cannabis-infused products such as tinctures, edibles and topicals. Patients will also be allowed to grow up to six mature cannabis plants, and six seedlings.

State Question 788 – which passed with around 56% support – legalizes a licensed and regulated system of marijuana cultivation centers and retail outlets, with the latter authorized to sell medical cannabis to any qualified patient.

Below are some further details on the new law, which makes Oklahoma the 30th state to legalize medical cannabis:

  • Obtaining a state-issued medical cannabis license will require a board-certified physician’s signature.
  • There’s no list of qualifying conditions, meaning a physician can recommend cannabis to anyone they believe could benefit from it.
  • Medical cannabis sales will be taxed at 7%, Tax revenue will be allocated to administrative costs, education, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation.
  • Municipalities are prohibited from restricting zoning laws to prevent marijuana dispensaries


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The full text of State Question 788 can be found by clicking here.

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