Oklahoma, the Fourth Most Conservative State, May Soon Become the 30th to Legalize Medical Cannabis

Oklahoma, the Fourth Most Conservative State, May Soon Become the 30th to Legalize Medical Cannabis

Oklahoma is one of the most conservative states in the U.S., but tomorrow it may become the 30th to legalize medical cannabis.

According to Gallup, Oklahoma is the fourth most conservative state, with Mississippi, North Dakota and Wyoming narrowly taking the lead in that category. Despite this, activists were able to collect well more than the number of signatures required to place a medical cannabis legalization initiative on the primary ballot. Now, in just a matter of hours, Oklahoma voters will have the opportunity to pass that initiative. This would make Oklahoma the 30th state to legalize medical cannabis, marking 60% of the entire United States.

The passage of State Question 788 would be important for a number of reasons, beyond the fact that it would inherently benefit thousands of people by legalizing a vastly medicinal plant. For one, it would demonstrate that a comprehensive medical cannabis initiative can pass in a heavily conservative state, despite opposition greatly outspending the measure’s proponents. This would strongly indicate that medical cannabis has embedded support across the nation that’s becoming (or maybe already is) unbreakable.

In addition, the initiative doesn’t establish a list of qualifying medical cannabis conditions; instead, it leaves it up to physicians to decide what conditions they feel could be benefited from cannabis use. Passing an initiative with this setup may encourage lawmakers and activists in other states to take a similar approach when advocating  for a law change, rather than establishing an arbitrary and often restrictive list of conditions.

For those who plan on, or are considering voting in tomorrow’s primary, you can find voting information and tips by clicking here.

For the full text of State Question 788click here.

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