Oklahoma Senator Considers Medical Marijuana Initiative

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Oklahoma Senator Considers Medical Marijuana Initiative

Two pieces of cannabis legislation in Oklahoma, Senate Bill 902 and Senate Bill 914, would drastically alter state law.

Senator Johnson, a voice of reason in Oklahoma.

Senator Johnson, a voice of reason in Oklahoma.

SB 902 would direct the state to construct regulations and licenses for medical cannabis access points. SB 914 would significantly reduce the criminal penalties associated with possessing an ounce an a half or less of cannabis.

The bad news? Republican Senator Brian Crain, chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Select Agencies, the committee that would need to vote through either bill to get it to the senate floor, has been very clear that he will deny it a vote.

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“I’ve had several, several senators come up to me and tell me that they are opposed to any type of legalization of medical marijuana”, Sen. Crain, who was formerly Tulsa County’s Assistant District Attorney, stated to the media.

He goes on to say, “While I was an assistant D.A., it seemed that in every crime that was committed there was marijuana that was involved…..I’ve got some real concerns that when you’ve got marijuana you’ve also got other crimes that are involved with that.”

Senator Brian Crain, prohibitionist.

Senator Brian Crain, prohibitionist.

Crain, of course, states nothing more to back his claim, one that reeks of reefer madness.

If cannabis is so often associated with other crimes, it’s undeniably (to those open to reality) due to the black market associated with it, possible thanks to cannabis prohibition.

Crain continued to spew lies, “In those states where there is medical marijuana that is allowed, there is a significant increase in the number of teenagers that are trying marijuana because it is available in their house”.

Crain, again, had nothing to back this claim. Studies consistently show that states that have legalized medical cannabis have seen a reduction in cannabis use amongst minors, not an increase.

Stepping above this ridiculousness,  Senator Johnson has made it clear that she’s considering doing an initiative, which wouldn’t need to be approved by the governor, house or senate.

Johnson states, “I think  initiative petition is all we have left because it’s not like it can be a state question, because that has to go through the legislature….If they won’t even hold a hearing on the issue to let folks come educate them, they’re certainly not going to pass a bill that would send it to a vote of the people.”

One thing’s clear amongst all of this; it’s refreshing to see some discussion and movement in a state where you can get life in prison for hash.

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  • danitaangermeierjones
    February 3, 2013

    This should happen in all states a lot cheaper rthan marinol

    • Dave Hubbard
      February 4, 2013

      Why do we continue to vote for these CLOSE MINDED people? So we can have something to bitch about for the next 2-4 years? We have to start voting from within OUR circles. Get rid of the CAREER politicians and put OUR people in office. Please don’t tell me that THEY are the only ones capable of doing the job. In my lifetime, I have met more Farmers with more connection to the “people” , and whom also had more common sense. So, how do these others always slip by and get voted in? Next time…WRITE IN your choice. Do NOT be cowed by THEIR choices for us. Stand Up People!

  • John lacefield
    February 10, 2013

    I will never vote for brian crain or any other profesional politition

  • Adam
    July 27, 2013

    Maybe oud medical marijuana killed thousands of people like prescription narcotics and alcohol doors they would legalize it. You see these career politicians do not care what will benefit the majority of prescription talking medical patients. They only care about there own distorted opinions, and views of how the world’s should be. I think it’s high time someone reminded them who they work for. Because they clearly forgotten our just don’t care, but in any event they work for us! We are there employers and wer have the power to change them or get roud of them!

  • Paula Spilman
    February 26, 2014

    Are you telling me than not one of these self absorbed people have a family member or close friend that has a disabling disease that could be help by medical marijuana? Or are these friends or family members that do, and are takien care of by these same people that won’t let it be heard? After all there is plenty of marijuana held in the police departments for evidence, and does anyone know where it goes after the trial is over? I know that my neuropathy ( that chemo caused) has been causing constant spasms in my leg (which it does often) and these lovely man made controlled substances class 5 is NOT help.what have they got against the old and very young sick. We just want to feel better.

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