Oklahoma Lawmakers Vote Unanimously to Decrease Marijuana Possession Penalties

In a state where hash can get you life in prison, movement is being made to decrease the punishment associated with simple cannabis possession.

Under current Oklahoma law, possessing cannabis can net someone a felony charge, and subsequent cannabis 20875940_BG1charges are guaranteed felonies that come with a jail sentence of 2-10 years. The measure approved today, by a vote of 14-0, would change this so that someone’s first and second possession charge is a misdemeanor, with a maximum sentence of 1 year. House Bill 1835, now moves towards a full house vote.

For many, especially those lucky enough to live in a state like Colorado or Washington, this may seem like a small step forward. However, any movement is a positive thing in a state like Oklahoma, and this measure would effect the lives of hundreds of people who will see years less jail time for the bogus criminal charge of possessing cannabis.

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